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Mystery of Beeping FiOS terminal

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Mystery of Beeping FiOS terminal

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My ONT box has been beeping for about 4 days. I called Verizon and I was told to unplug the battery and plug it back in. I did that and beeping stopped for a day and then it started again. The box shows a red light.


Is the battery dying? Do I need to order a new battery? Will Verizon pay for it? My services are up currently but I am concerned that they might go down anytime and needed to prevent that.



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Re: Mystery of Beeping FiOS terminal

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Might be a dying battery and might not.


If the battery is in its original warranty period, Fios will replace for free.  Otherwise you will be charged.  There are a number of cheaper places to buy compatible batteries then Verion's store.

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Re: Mystery of Beeping FiOS terminal

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If the problem goes away and doesn't come back, it was just a logic quirk on the BBU and the battery is fine.   Try resetting it again and see if it comes back.   If the light always stays lit even after a reset or returns reasonably quickly after you clear the fault, then the battery is likely dead -- they do have a service life and will fail over time.


As someone here said, if you have a new installation and it's less than a year old, the battery is covered under warrenty and Verizon will replace it.   Otherwise, as disclosed in all the paperwork you get when they do the installation, the battery is considered a "user replaceable / servicable part" and is your responsibility to replace.   


You can disconnect and run without the battery, but need to understand that any power glitch or outage will immediately take down your ONT and all Verizon services including, if you have it, phone service.   With the battery, the ONT remains partially energized and phone service will continue to work for a period of up to about 8 hours.


Batteries can be obtained thru Verizon -- but are rather overpriced.   There are numerous suppliers online (including various auction sites -- but be careful to insure you're getting a "new" battery) or from your local battery store (like a Battery Warehouse) -- take the battery along and show them what you need.   I've seen them online for as cheap as $12.50 vs the approximately $50 I heard Verizon wanted for them at last check.




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