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NEED HELP PLEASE- Securing my personal website created with Verizon Web Space

NEED HELP PLEASE- Securing my personal website created with Verizon Web Space

Contributor kellyjean
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I have spent literally hours upon hours talking to sales, products and tech support at Verizon over the past week trying to find someone who could help me get my personal web site secure.  Do you know anything about Security Certificates or SSL Certificates in relation to Verizon personal web space?


First I was told to upgrade my web space to the $9.95/mo pkg which I did, but that did not seem to do anything for me except give me more space.  Then second suggestion was that I had to purchase an SSL Certificate from whomever I got my domain name from, so I have purchased an SSL Certificate through godaddy, and godaddy says that Verizon has to tell me how to access their web server so I can generate a CSR (Certificate Signing Request) or that Verizon should just be able to generate this CSR for me so that I can proceed through the steps with godaddy to get my site secure, which is my main goal!! 


Does anyone out there understand what I am talking about?  NO ONE at Verizon seems to and I am at my whits end with this whole thing. I need to find someone that understands and can me.  If not direct me, with direct help or point ing me in the right direction perhaps?  I would appreciate any type of assistance! 



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Gold Contributor VII
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I'm not sure you can do what you want to do as you are using a shared Verizon web server which would have to perform the cert management for you.  After browsing around the Verizon site I did get to here


and think that possibly Shared SSL may be what you are looking for.  However it appears to be a $10 per month option under Pro and I haven't quite worked out what that is.

You could just run your own web server on your own internal network and set the Verizon Person Web Page to auto forward to your URL.  To set up your own local URL go and get a free DynDNS account and setup your VZ router to autmatically maintain the DynDNS IP address - You'll find that in the advanced tab of your router under Person Domain Name.

You'd need to configure port forwarding in your router to point the port/s you choose for your web service to the internal device in your network that is running you web server.

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