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i need to add wi fi mac address to router manual. the Nook rep told me that i need to add this address to connect....wondering if anyone else has similar issue with NOOK.



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If you used the defaults you don't need the mac address.


If however you turned on MAC address filtering then you need to know the NOOK's MAC address and add it to the router.  Several ways to get it.  Part of the question would be which Nook if you want to look it up on the NOOK itself.  An easy alternate way to get would be to turn off mac filtering and get the nook to connect, then copy the mac address that shows up as connecting into the filter list and turn back on mac filtering.


The following may vary a bit depending on Router model, but on my Actiontec


  1. connect browser to web page
  2. logon.  Default userid is ADMIN and password is the serial number of router
  3. select wireless settings
  4. selct advanced security options
  5. level 3 select wireless mac addresses
  6. unselect enable access list
  7. apply and acknowledge.  Wait for router to restart
  8. go through procedure to get NOOK to connect
  9. log backin to router (if you were logged off)
  10.  select my network and locate nook.  Copy its address
  11. go back to wirelesss mac addresses, on the wireless settings advanced security options
  12. select enable access list and accept device below
  13. add the nook's mac address to the list address
  14. apply and acknowledge


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Totally having the same problem.  Can't believe this as I had no problem with my first Nook.  Attempting to add also, but having nothing but problems.  And of course, Verizon Chat is not AVAILABLE on a SUNDAY. Thanks Verizon!

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Nook has a known issue that they have posted on their website



Instructions below are from B&N's website:



Nook WiFi Connection Issues & Verizon Actiontec Router


1. Go to your router's IP address (you may have to call your cable provider to obtain this if you don't have it or simply connect through the computer wired to the router)

2. Type in your user name and password

3. Turn on your nook

4. Click on your network within wireless settings and "Forget" the network

5. Go back to the main settings page, go to Device Info, About Your Nook, and locate the Wi-Fi MAC address

6. (This part is router specific but if you can figure out where this information is in your router, the steps should be the same) Go to Advanced --> IP Address Distribution

7. Hit the button that says Connection List

8. Look for your Nook's MAC address on your list. If it is there, press the Edit button (the notepad with the pencil) and click the box that says static IP.

9. If it is not there, scroll to the bottom and hit New Static Connection. Enter a host name (no spaces), the IP address that you want to use (be sure that it's a valid address. Look at your other addresses on the connection list page to see one within the correct number range that is available), and that MAC address from your Nook.

10. Hit apply, go back to your Nook's wireless settings, re-enter your password, and you should be good to go!!!


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