NOT Getting Quantum 50 speeds on Actiontec router

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NOT Getting Quantum 50 speeds on Actiontec router

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I recenlty upgraded to the 50 speed, and with the Actiontec router over WiFI - I don't get anything north of 20.


If i connect to the Cat 5 connection direct, that works.  Also, if i bridge another router 802.11n I'll get those speeds.


However, since I've paid for this service, and the Actiontec is part of the plan, why isn't the Actiontec upgraded to support these speeds?


This clearly seems like false advertising in that Verizon pushed this 50 plan, made it easy to upgrade, but they never once indicated that it had to be wired direct, or that the router in place can't support it.


I'm sure NJ attorney general and the BPU will be hearing lots of complaints on this tactic.



So, the question is - how can I get with verizon supllied WiFI equipment the speed advertised and what I'm paying for?

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Re: NOT Getting Quantum 50 speeds on Actiontec router

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if you have a REV F router, you can get it upto 60 and 65 mb's by enabling WPA2 AES Security. instead of the default WEP security which limits you to G speed (20 mb roughly)


Do you know what Revision you have?


Generally Speaking, Verizon doesn't sell wireless internet speeds, they sell wired internet speeds, and the wireless they don't garuntee.   You will hear that a lot from their reps, and in the fine print of their advertisements. 


That being said, you can either continue to invest time on the phone and in chats trying to bug them for a free router, or you can do like most of us and buy your own.  My time is personally worth more than waiting on hold for any amount of time, when there are 20-50 dollar solutions a mouse click away.


I would rather buy one myself even if it's a cheap $19.99 TP Link Router that does wireless N and 300 MBs.


Remember, the Verizon Wireless N is a single radio 130mb max router.   so for a cheaper price you can get potentially better performance.


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