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Need ethernet/internet near my STB. Currently on different floor across the house.

Need ethernet/internet near my STB. Currently on different floor across the house.

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My wireless router is in the basement. My STB and TV (and Blu Ray player which wants internet) are a floor up and across the house. I would like to put another hub where the TV ect is.


I am looking for a simple solution that won't involve another wirless hub. Also  looking for a solution I can do myself.


Thank you!



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Your options:


-Running wire to a hub over by the TV, sounds like you don't want to do this of course.


-Using a wireless access point or configuring a wireless router to work as an access point.


-Using Powerline ethernet bridge kit, roughly like 120 bucks.  One part runs ethernet from the router in the basement to the power outlet. Then the ethernet signal goes through the powerlines in the house and then talks to the second part of the kit which is a splitter that plugs into another power outlet which is a 4 port switch.


Now I don't know how well this third method works...I just know its out there.

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Another option that should work if you are willing to spend a few bucks is to get a Motorola NIM-100. When Verizon first started installing FiOS they provided a wired ethernet-only router and a NIM-100 to connect the ethernet to the coax so the Guide and On Demand stuff would work. Verizon no longer provides NIMs, and Motorola no longer makes them, but you might find one on a Verizon truck, or you can buy them on eBay (just Google "Motorola NIM-100" and you will find lots of info).


I have a NIM-100 left over from my initial install 3 1/2 years ago. I have a TV connected via coax at the other end of the house from my Actiontec router, plus my wife's PCin that same room. So I got a (free) splitter from Verizon and connected the NIM to one leg of the splitter and ran an ethernet cable to my wife's PC. The connection looks like this:


                                                              (coax)                  (ethernet)

              (coax)                               ---------------------NIM------------------------------PC

router-------------------2-way splitter       


                                                              (coax)                         (component)


Of course there is a Verizon-installed splitter between the router and the new 2-way splitter to connect to the ONT and other TVs.


If you decide to go this way (and it really works great) be sure to get the splitter from Verizon, or at least one that meets their specs, and use it; it appears when looking at the NIM that the splitter will not be necessary as it has both an ethernet and a coax connection, but the coax on that side is uni-directional, and your STB needs to communicate in both directions.


I consider this a good option, no need for more wireless, etc.


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