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Need to block website from ALL devices on home network

Need to block website from ALL devices on home network

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@CaptainSTX wrote:

Just curious.  Does DNS server blocking of web sites have any impact if someone types in the numerical IP of a site since no DNS look up needs to be done?


For instance if you blocked YouTube what happens if some types in some of the common IPs for YouTube?



DNS blcoking would not block someone typing in the IP address of a website. That's the job of a web filtering appliance or a firewall to do. Even if someone does manage to type in YouTube's IP address, the site due to DNS blocking will be broken. DNS will still be used to fetch images and even the videos themselves from the YouTube CDN.


In essence, they will get a horriby broken form of the site.

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Anti-Phish - thanks for the info, I will definitely take into the OpenDNS.  I guess I thought I would need to install an agent of some sort on his machine in order to use the OpenDNS.  I will definitely take a look.  With that, how much of a hit will the throughout take?  Will this significantly delay the response time wth surfing the internet?  Instead of his accessing late night surfing, will I now hear complaints from the whole family that "the internet is REALLY slow dad...fix it"?  lol

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No. There should be no slow down.  A lot of people use OpenDNS just for DNS resolution (no filtering) because the OpenDNS servers are some of the fastest DNS servers around.


One correction to what i stated earlier.  The Actiontec router does not have bult-in support for automatic Ip address updates for OpenDns.  You do need to run a small background task, but this can run on ANY computer behind the Actiontec.

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