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Needing to constantly reset ONT

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Needing to constantly reset ONT

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The last 1-2 months, we've repetadly lost our internet connection, and had to reset the ONT to "fix" it until the next time the internet goes out.


Here's the rundown of what happened:


In March, out uploade speed decided it was '90s diaup. If I was lucky, I coukd manage 100 kB/s. Called Verizon. The tech said it was probably something at the home office not working, but they wouldn't take a look at that unless he replaced the ONT (which we'd had since 2005, maybe earlier we got fios as soon as it was availiavle, and before that had DSL as far back as the GTE days) and the router (same deal). As suspected, that didn't fix anything.


A week later, our upload was fixed, possibly delayed because they were busy dealing with tornadoes.


Now, about three weeks later, out internet dies. TV and phone still worked, but not internet. They finally reset the ONT a day later. LAter in the week, it dies again. Verizon sends out a different guy to replace the ONT and router again. Tech support says they see an error in the logs (and won't tell me what the error is) that "shouldn't be a problem, and aren't for most people".


However, we keep having our internet die, and having to reset the ONT, sometimes twice in one day, and I've started to just unplug the thing myself because it's quicker than having to call tech support AGAIN and waiting for someone to pick up.


The old ONT/router setup (the one they had to replace before looking at the thing in the home office because of some reason) NEVER had this problem.

Aside from the different equipment, the only thing that's changed in the setup is how the router is connected. ON the old replaced-because-something-elsewhere-broke system, the router was connected to the ONT by both a coax and a network cable as installed by Verizon years ago. On both new ONTs, they just used the coax, and decided not to connect the existing network cable to the new ONT box.


Prior to this, we've never had /any/ service issues with Verizon/GTE internet that wasn't fixed within a day, and NEVER had it completely die. I'm getting fed up 😕

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Re: Needing to constantly reset ONT

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the quick easy fix (if that ethernet is still there and or is easy for you to hook back up) is to call and tell them that you wired your router for ethernet, and would like to have it changed from coax/moca to ethernet.    they do the software change, and then you're back in business.


an overwhelming amount of us have coax/moca and it works well for me personally.  


If you are having a problem with yours it is likely a cabling issue, so look for any repeaters or amplifiers or anything wierd on the coax lines.   All you want is the coax itself going from the ONT to the main splitter, and then coax runs to each room.   5-1000MHz splitter or better eld or quad-shield RG6 coax.


if you have uncapped plug ins on your splitter at your house, then cap them off (rf leakage) and make sure all your cabling is loosened and refastened at each spot.  


Worse case scenario - you may need a tech to see if it's a bad ont port, or the ont itself is starting to fail (which would mean your ethernet and your coax potentially going to have problems).  

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