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Netflix Video Stream

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Netflix Video Stream

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I stream Netlfix video via a hardwire ethernet  connection between my FIOS  ActionTec router and an LG BD390 blue ray player that includes Netflix streaming capabilities.  Even with my 50/25 Mb internet connection I cannot stream Netflix in HD (which requires 8 mb/s according to Netflix).  When Netflix video quality is set to auto, the service  attempts HD streaming than throttles back to lower quality video.  


I have done speed tests which validate the service speeds.  

I have reset the router.

I  have reset the blue ray player.

The blue ray player has latest firmware installed. 



Anyone having similar problems?  Does anyone  have suggestions?  ActionTec router configs?   etc.


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Gold Contributor IV
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Re: Netflix Video Stream

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A fair number of other users have reported the same problem in a number of threads on the forum.  Here's one where the subject has been discussed in depth:

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Re: Netflix Video Stream

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I recently upgraded my Verison FIOS service and now have a 50/25 Mb connection, supposedly. Sadly, I cannot tell any difference when trying to watch Netflix movies. It can take up to 5 minutes before a movie starts streaming, especially if the quality of the connection is indicated with the bars as "high" (this is pretty counter-intuitive). 

I have contacted Verizon, Netflix and the manufacturer of my Blu-Ray device (Samsung) which is hardwired into the brand new router Verizon sent me. Firmware is updated and I have done everything that is possible at this point. Verizon and Netflix keep blaming each other. Although I have no proof that Verizon is throttling delivery of Netflix content, I do find it curious that I am recenly bombarded with more and more emails and ads for Verizon's own content (movies). A mere coincidence?

I almost dropped Verizon (I have been a loyal customer since 2008) last week, in frustration over ever higher monthly bills and poorer service. I reluctantly accepted their offer to upgrade to a 50/25 Mb connection (my original connection was 20/5). Alas, it seems to have been for naught.

We may be going separate ways, after all ... and btw. I will also be dropping Nextflix until I can get a better connection.

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Re: Netflix Video Stream

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I have issues streaming after 6pm -about12 am Eastern Time. it affects Disney Anywhere, Vudu, Netflix, and flixter. since about January.

They claim there is a ghost in my house causing EMP(Electro Magnetic Pulse).... What a complete idiot! Im a network tech myself and what we have is a bottle neck or throttling by the internet trolls that suede to change for streaming companies. The found a loop hole excluding them  from  the requirement for internet neutrality  


tested it all day to verify

streaming down speeds were


700am 20k

10:00 am 20k

1200pm 20 k

400pm 19k

730pm 1.5k (1 mbs)


the comcast levels from teh same service(vusu was about18k (18 mbs)all day issue is 100% verizons so called fastest internet... they have till may 15 before i consider my contract void and contact the Attourney Generals office to get back for termining the contract if the do not live up tp commercial advertising..


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Copper Contributor
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Re: Netflix Video Stream

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what you need to do is join us others the game and show verizon that we all know what games they are playing...


run netflix on your pc,

then do a NETSTAT

it will dump all the address of the netflix connections

then do a TRACERT to those address and you will notice when the bottle neck is...

It wont ever be on Verizon Routers but it will be in the PEERING Backbone routers that Verizon is turing its

head on knowing what is going on....


its a game.

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Re: Netflix Video Stream

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I have Verizon Fios 75/25 wired to my LG smart TV. When trying to watch 3D Netflix movies using the built in app the progress bar screams to the 65% mark then stops no matter which movie I pick and always at the same spot. To see if Verizon was throttling I disconnected my Verizon ethernet connection to my TV.  I then took my AT&T IPhone 5S that supports LTE and turned on Personal HOtspot. I connected my TV via Wifi to my AT&T IPhone, and started the Netflix 3D movie again. AND IT WORKS!!! I think this shows that Verizon is throttling Netflix traffic.

BTW this was just a test don't use Personal Hotspot to actually watch a movie. You'll burn thru your data plan quickly.

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Platinum Contributor III
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Re: Netflix Video Stream

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wanna esolve your problem?  go buy an apple tv.   netflix chooses to route those units through non congested links. 

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