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Network problems in North Texas

Network problems in North Texas

Contributor spudmiester
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Registered: ‎03-23-2015
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Is anyone else having FIOS internet issues in north texas? I'm subscribed to the 75/75 plan but now I'm seeing 3mbps down and 0.01 up. (at least that is what I see when the test can complete) I have 4% packet lost pinging the first hop from my house. Issue started suddenly but verizon rep claims it is not a widespread problem.
Contributor spudmiester
Posts: 3
Registered: ‎03-23-2015
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Unbelievably awful support from verizon.


Called two different people, got run around by both.  reboot router, reboot ont, on and on and on


It was clearly network problem.  2nd hop from my house could not be pinged reliably.    But I had to plug a laptop directly into the ONT and prove to them it was not my home network.   Next time verizon, why don't you spend a little more effor to prove it is not your network at fault.


After getting off phone with Verizon i found out via facebook that others in the neighborhood was all experiencing the same thing.   (this is after repeated questions to verizon if they have a problem larger than just my single house)


I had two case numbers from verizon.  Today they cant find any record of either number.   And the dude from phillipines cannot not even find any of our account information.  He went as far as asking if we had internet service from verizon.  It should have occured to him that he was following up on a phone call from the previous night.  Seems to me he already had our contact information.  Otherwise how did he know who to call today?


But I can guarantee you that these {please keep your posts courteous} will certainly find my account information when it comes time to post the next bill.


Luckily verizon did manage to get the issue escalated to the local techs.   This morning, the service went down hard for 10 minutes, then returned at normal speed.  


Apparently enough people called in from my neighborhood to get them to focus on the real issue.  I'm sure the first level techs had everyone in the neighborhood rebooting routers and restoring to defaults.   I feel sorry for everyone who has to recover from the shoddy troubleshooting of the first level techs.


Defend verizon if you want, but the above is essentially the same level of support that I have received for every outage.   And it has always been verizon's equipment that failed.



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