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New Customer - Overcharged right on first bill Customer Service refuses to help

New Customer - Overcharged right on first bill Customer Service refuses to help

Contributor lorthus85
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I signed up for Verizon fios 16 days ago, $54.99 with a 2yr contract. I received my self install and a few e-mails, everything was working great until today when the first bill arrived and I'm being charged $64.99 for the service.


I called customer service, mention to them that I never received a copy of my user agreement, verizon never e-mail a receipt for my order that stated I was going to be charged $64.99, the website still says $54.99/month for the service.


Customer Service Rep response was : "There is no evidence you signed up for the $54.99/month plan, we didn't e-mail you any receipts, and all we can do you for is give you that price for 12 months"


I told her it wasn't enough, that I wanted a receipt that showed I signed up for a 64.99 plan which frankly doesn't even exist. I then asked for my service to be cancelled, and I was told I only had 14 days to cancel and today is the 16th day so I would have to pay a termination fee. The bill came in today how can I be accountable for a termination fee on a bill that I'm being overcharged, if I was not made aware of what I was going to be charged ?


How can verizon not send a single e-mail out with the monthly service, or a copy of the user agreement ?


What kind of customer service will not honor a current promotion because of 48 hours ? How can Verizon not have a single piece of document that states what service I signed up for ?



I'm currently on the line, I have been on hold for 1 hour and 57 minutes waiting for a supervisor....


How can I get help on this ? I know I signed up for the $54.99 plan, I'm 100% positive, but verizon sent me no receipts... how can I have proof ?



I feel like I made a huge mistake switching to verizon






Contributor lorthus85
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Registered: ‎02-04-2015

Finally after spending over 2 hours on the phone a supervisor helped me.


He is issuing me a $10/month credit. I'm happy with resolving this issue and getting my bill taken care of.


I'm really disappointed with the wait time and the customer service, after waiting for over an hour to listen to a customer service rep tell me that I needed to present proof that I was not lying about a promotion that is posted right on the website, when she couldn't produce the receipt stating the $64.99 herself was really upsetting.


I will stay with fios for the next 24 months, but I will definitely not moving forward with my plans for switching from AT&T to Verizon for my cellphone service.




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Here is the terms of service and user guide page. http://www.verizon.com/about/terms.

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