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New FIOS activation-using Dlink as secondary router

New FIOS activation-using Dlink as secondary router

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I am new to this forum and this is my first post.


I followed the FAQ on setting up a user router as follows:

- using Actiontec Rev F as primary router. Two computers connected to it (wired); wirless radio off.

- My current DIR-825 router I am using for my in-home wireless using wireless-N with access point (Dlink DAP 1522) in ohter parts of the house.

- The DLink is connected LAN-LAN to the actiontec router. No WAN connection on the Dlink 825.

- All works fine, but I am not able to access the Dlink 825 router administration. It's IP is set to (static), but I am unable to see that router admin page anymore.


Any clues?

Thanks for your help.

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The ActionTec is feeding DHCP for the segment and starts at  You probably have a duplicate IP address scenario  (maybe even with your own PC) or an stale ARP cache entry.


Go into the ActionTec ( router, go into "Advanced", then "IP Address Distribution", then select Action next to  "Network (Home/Office)".    Change DHCP start address to and apply.


Now power off Dlink and reboot all machines and make sure none of them has the IP address of


Then power on  Dlink and see if you can connect to it.   If so, go into the Dlink and make sure you disable the DHCP server (since the ActionTec is handling this for your network).


Should fix you up.


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Thanks for your reply. Actually I should have given more details...


The Actiontec address range is set to start from upto And the DHCP is disabled on the Dlink router. I tried to ping (should be the dlink ip) but ping times out. Form some reason, I suspect the Actiontec is not allowing me to see the Dlink or something else is wrong.


I do not want to reset the Dlink and then start all over again as it has all my wireless configuration settings. If anyone has any clues, I would appreciate it.



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If it were me, I'd try a slightly different setup.


By default a D-link router should be  


This is different from the Verizon router which is


So with both routers reset to factory, I'd leave the Verizon router default except to turn off the wireless.


I'd leave the D-link default as to its ip scheme.


Then just connect the D-link to the Verizon router    LAN (verizon) to WAN (D-link).   Then connect all computers to the D-link. Both wired and wireless. This way all your computers are on the same network, and you dont have to mess with the DHCP settings. Effectively, as far as the D-link would be concerned, the Verizon router would then just be another hop on your way to the internet.



Granted you dont want to reset the D-link, But IMO this would be the simplest way.


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Did you get a solution for this issue?  I am having same issue where I am not able to access the DLINK admin page ... however everything is working fine.  Even a ping to IP address of the DLINK reslove to "destination not reachable".

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