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New Fios Actiontec Wifi Extender

New Fios Actiontec Wifi Extender

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Hello, I recently rented an Actiontec Wifi Extender and have not set it up yet. My first question is do I need to use the Actiontec or can I use a 3rd party network extender? The reason I ask is because I had purchased one before when I lived in an apartment that didn't have Fios. Second, my set up is fairly common in that my Quantum Gateway is setup in my basement office via an ethernet connection to my desktop computer. Like most people who live in a townhouse or similar type house with multiple levels, I lose 20-30mbps upstairs. Thus the reason for getting the extender. My question is on the physical placement of the extender. Should I put it on the main floor between the basement and the upstairs or would putting it upstairs be fine. The second is whether or not I need to do any network setup once I've plugged the extender into the coaxial connection/splitter combo sent by Verizon? They don't send much in the way of directions regarding setup. Any help on these questions would be greatly appreciated.

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Hope this helps to answer your question

Just guessing since not much info given


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It would be helpful to know which model of the extender you have. Verizon's FiOS Wifi extenders are made by Actiontec, so the information you get from either should be applicable. Go here and pick your extender (assuming you have one of those two). The WCB6000Q is similar. The Actiontec WCB6200Q is the same as the Verizon WCB6200Q as far as I can tell. The information is definitely a bit vague. Actiontec Quick Start guide. Verizon Quick Start guide. Actiontec's guide has better detail. They need a "slow and detailed start guide." This YouTube Video is a decent start for an older model Actiontec. (Text version of the same install guide.) Other models would install similarly.

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