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New PC with TV tuner

Nickel Contributor
Nickel Contributor
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I have FIOS internet and TV and am looking to purchase a new PC. Is there any reason to get a TV tuner built into the PC? I cant use the FIOS signal right?

I have no antenna and my only TV signal is Verizon FIOS so would it be worth the expense to get a tuner with the PC? Does anybody use this kind of setup?

Silver Contributor V
Silver Contributor V
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Several points. First of all, the few unencrypted TV signals on FiOS are QAM, not ATSC format, so you would need to make sure that the tuner supports QAM. If you want to receive all of the FiOS channels you have available in your package, the tuner would need a cable card. As far as I know, none of the available built-in tuners supports a cable card, there are only a handful of Tuner cards (plug into a slot inside the PC) for PC that do support the Cable Card.


So unless the tuner can handle QAM, it is a complete waste. Even if it can handle QAM, all you can get are the local stations, because everything else is encrypted. At best you won't get much programming from a built in TV tuner, and absent QAM support, you won't get anything.


My advice: It isn't worth paying extra for built-in TV tuner. There just ins't much you can do with it.

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Gold Contributor VII
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I agree with matheww.  A better bet would be to get a monitor which accepts multiple HDMI inputs (including the ability to "window" one of the inputs on screen while display another input full screen).  This way, you can connect the output of an STB to the monitor and watch TV on it full screen or put TV into a window while working.



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Gold Contributor VII
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I run windows 7 with media center and use a Hauppage HD PVR which I feed from a VZ STB.  Can control the stb via an ir blaster which allows viewing of any channels subscribed to on the pc and also the ability to programatically record anything from any of the channels that I suscribe to.  Media center will make the recordings available to any tv that is network attached an also to the pc.


Not a big fan of renting a VZ dvr/s and I had the equipment anyway from using BeyondTV.  The device isn't cheap but I'm sure by now it's paid for itself compared to the ongoing rental charges.

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