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New advanced router, slower speeds

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New advanced router, slower speeds

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I signed up for Verizons new advanced router, I went from the FIOS router with one antenna to the new one with 2 antenna so I could have better WiFi coverage in my house.


Before hooking up the new router, did a quick speed check on my PC and was getting about 11 mbps over WiFi.  Hooked up the new router and it dropped to 5 mbps.


Wired my PC to the new router and it went to nearly 50 mbps (where it should be). I downloaded verizons optimization tools and that was no help.


Plugged in my old router and it returned to 11-12 mbps.  One more time to the new "advanced" router and back down to 5.


Any help on why my speeds are so much worse with what is supposed to be better technology?



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Re: New advanced router, slower speeds

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Because the wall penetration with wirless-n is not as good as it was with wireless-g.

Of course you might also have interference on the channel you are using.  Try bringing your wifi device closer to the router or vice versa (I know easier said than done) and see if the signal improves.  If not try changing the channel that the router is using.

Did you set the wifi on the router to be wpa2 only?  That too is necessary to get the best signal.

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Re: New advanced router, slower speeds

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Also try downloading Verizon's In Home agent. It has a wifi Fix utility built in that's quite good.  It takes all the guess work out of channel changing for you, and automatically gives you recommendations and an easy way to make that change.



download it at www.verizon.com/connect

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