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No More FTP?

No More FTP?

Device: MacG5 platform
Plan: FIOS
Location: Pennsylvania
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Verizon today sent me an announcement regarding FTPing of HTML files: "For security reasons, Verizon will no longer allow users to FTP their HTML files to the personal web site Verizon offers."  On the face of it, this sounds like notification that customers with a web site set up as part of Verizon's Personal Webspace will no longer be able to update their website, since FTP is the way one uploads most files to one's web site.  


However, the language isn't clear.  Is Verizon banning FTP altogether across their network or only FTP aimed at these specific sites?


In other words, will those of us with websites elsewhere still be able to FTP HTML updates to our websites?


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Believe me, you're not the only one with concerns and/or who is up in arms about this!!


I called Verizon this morning and was shuttled through 5 different transfers and still do not have an answer on this.    I have two different business websites up and running on Verizon webspace, one that was developed with KompoZer and the other with MS-Publisher.   These two programs, and any web authoring program I'm aware of, publish to webspace using FTP.


Someone at Verizon that I spoke to last is currently researching this and said that he had no knowledge of it whatsoever.  In addition to the e-mail last night, when you connect via an FTP server you get a lengthy "welcome" message (see screenshot) telling you that you won't be able to do this as of August 21st.


I really hope that this causes the cyber equivalent of a riot among Verizon webspace users.   You simply cannot cut off FTP access to webspace and have it be in any way functional anymore.   The rinky-dink sitebuilder software available via Verizon Online certainly doesn't let you create and maintain anything close to a viable website for even a small business.


I am protesting this move by Verizon in the strongest possible terms and hope that others will, too!!



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I am furious about the possibility of losing FTP access to my personal website. I also called customer service this morning, and like you, the person I spoke to didn't know much about the policy change (it might have been nice of Verizon to brief their reps on this before emailing their customers). He put me on hold to find out, then he told me that the email I received was more for business customers, and it should not apply to me because I'm residential.  However, I don't completely believe that and I said would call back in a week when customers service learns more.


But if this is true, it completely upsets my phone and internet status. I was very happy with until now, but I can not tolerate losing FTP access to my site.

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In my case, furious would be the "low end" of the emotional spectrum.   I tried my best, and succeeded, in not blasting the Verizon Tech Support Representative (and it took 5 transfers to get to him).


I have received a return call from him.   Apparently, and thank heavens, this is beginning to cause a stink.  When I last spoke to him about 40 minutes ago he said there is a meeting called for 3:30 PM this afternoon (Eastern Time) to discuss this "development."


I would encourage anyone who actually uses their Verizon webspace, whether for a website or for file sharing, and that uses FTP either directly or through the publishing capabilities of their web development software, to call tech support ASAP and express your opinion that FTP simply cannot be pulled as a transfer service.


How in heaven's name anyone in the decision making structure at Verizon could have come to the conclusion that you could pull FTP access to webspace is utterly mystifying!!  FTP is the backbone of web development and page transfer/publishing.   The whole schtick in the e-mail and FTP server announcements that this is "for security reasons" is even more ludicrous.  If you don't support anonymous FTP, and Verizon doesn't, it's every bit as secure as any other protocol that requires a login/password combination for access.   They must think that those of us who have been using our webspace for years and know about the "nuts and bolts" are morons, or else they're counting on people to just hit the "delete" button on the announcement e-mail and never notice this garbage is going on.

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This is unsatisfactory. If Verizon is removing the ability to FTP to my site, I'll be going elsewhere. Their web builder is probably the worse program I've ever seen.


Brian, what's the phone number you called for tech support?






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I have DSL service, which is important to note, because FIOS has a different number.


If you're a residential DSL user I'd try (800) 483-1000.    This at least got me to someone who was willing to listen and has been great so far in following up on this issue.


Please, please, please folks - heat up those phone lines.   Stop the insanity!!

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It's a shocker that Verizon had to make the decision to cut off FTP access. Like mentioned above, you really can't have web hosting without FTP access. It just does not make sense, since FTP is basically the bread of web hosting. Can't get data to the server and rely on the server doing the work using site building scripts (pretty much every one out there sucks; CMS software driven by PHP for example, does wonders due to how flexible they are!) doesn't make web hosting.


If Verizon does proceed with shutting off FTP access, there are plenty of Free Web Hosting companies out there, as well as dirt cheap hosting that can run for around $5-10 a year. For those leaving the Verizon site hosting, a host I suggest to everyone is x10Hosting. Great guys over there.


By the way, since the site builder doesn't even have a basic file manager in it to allow users to see their site files and modify them at will like FTP allows, the only other method Verizon really has in offering a univeral File Transfer system is SFTP. If this was about Security, Verizon would have to use that but that also relies on SSH Keys being given to everyone and setting up SSH permissions to do nothing more than what FTP does. That causes problems in itself with the risk of people rooting servers, even if they are hardened and locked down. FTP can't do a whole lot, and even if it is insecure from a transfer standpoint, if data is that important it should not be on ISP hosting nor should it be sent over a wireless connection of any kind.

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Thanks for the number Brian. I called but was on hold for 30 minutes, so I'll try again later. I'm hoping I was on hold for so long because they're being swamped with complaints!




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Thanks for the number. I'll do my best to give them hell and I urge everyone to do the same. Years ago, I was so glad to be rid of AT&T and loved the switch to Verizon. But every year they get more and more like the old AT&T, and discontinuing FTP access to my website is just plain malicious.

Location: Smyrna, DE
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I too have been extremely frustrated in my calls to Verizon Tech Support tonight.

I started with a chat with Meena, who after I mentioned the web builder being a proprietary interface, transferred me to Smartpages support.

John, who had clearly had his share of mis-directed calls, but was still laughing about it, said that Smartpages support was only for businss domain issues, and gave me back a new number to tech support. Which rang, and then said "we're sorry, but that phone does not answer", and hung up.

I called the first number (listed above), waited 5-10 minutes, & got Kevin, who first informed me (after a few minute hold) that the message meant that all personal webspace was going away "you need to go to Yahoo or someplace". When I said "doesn't the message only speak about FTP ? What about SFTP?", he put ms on hold for a few more minutes, and came back and said "yes, you can only use web builder".

When I asked who I could be transferred to to complain about this, another hold, and finally, "there is no one I can forward this complaint to, but I can note it here in the record".


I am not demanding that FTP be held over. I am asking that the tech support at least know if there are any reasonable, standards-based alternative methods of uploading HTML. Sftp ssh-FTP FTP-via-https, anything.

This is NUTS!

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