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No ethernet connectivity at all

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No ethernet connectivity at all

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I have 2 50ft cables running from our basement up to my room, connected to both my pc and an xbox 360. They've been working fine with grade A connectivity for almost a year, and then after a storm had rolled through, both those devices no longer get internet connectivity, as well as the on-demand service for a tv in another area.


Tried new cables with the same length and model, nothing

Tried a new router, just came in, again, nothing.

Factory reset? Nothing as well


The wifi still connects, thats how I am able to type this message, but no matter what I do, no lights appear for ethernet connectivity, as well as the aformentioned lack of on-demand access for fios. It says theres a local area connection cable unconnected, but its connected to both devices.


Please help! :<

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Re: No ethernet connectivity at all

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Sounds like your router might have taken a hit from the last storm. If Ethernet fails to work and even MoCa is not working properly, give Verizon a call and tell them a storm damaged your router and you would like a replacement.

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Re: No ethernet connectivity at all

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Well you said that you just got your new router, so there is no need to call Verizon back tell them that it went bad since you are passed that already. If your Video On Demand is not working on your TV then that is because you have no internet connectivity; Pay Per View, Video On Demand, and Widgets run on the data circuit and need to pass through the router. If you already replaced the last router with the one you just got and have connected all the cables as it was before, what lights does the router display and what color are they?

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