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No fios self install option?

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No fios self install option?

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Hi all,


Had a slightly frustrating chat today with a verizon rep trying to get fios turned on at my home.


back story: i have been away for work, friend was renting my house and worked from home, asked if he could get fiber run to replace cable.  I said sure.  He had working fios until 2-3 months ago, when he bought his own place.  


I moved home last weekend, and tried to activate new fios internet service.  After starting an order and running a credit check, i was told a tech would HAVE to come out to the house and none would be available until after the Covid19 issues end.  To be clear, i completely understand not wanting to put techs at risk.  My question:


Is there no self install option available?  I have done this before with other internet providers without issue.  It is not that hard to call in a MAC id or serial number.  I have my friends equipment from the original install, and when powered up and connected, i have green lights on pwr, bat, data, and ntwk.  Seems like it should be easier than they are making it out to be.  




Any advice?


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Re: No fios self install option?

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I'm sure it varies with the type of installation, but there is often a self-install option. At my son's house, the Verizon router arrived before they even moved in and we had Internet service on day one. It had previously had service and the ONT was still in the basement. On the other hand, my daughter's place had an older-style ONT and they sent a technician out to install her router. (In that particular case, that was good because I didn't like the way the previous network drops were running exposed outside the wall and reran them inside the wall to new drops I had put in. The tech tested everything out.)


At the site I linked above, they mention the following:

How do I determine if my order is eligible for Fios Self-Install?

  • Eligibility will be determined at the time you place your order and is dependent on:

    • If service was previously located at the address and there is an existing Optical Network Terminal (ONT)
    • The status of existing equipment like the Optical Network Terminal, which must pass testing done by Verizon
    • If there is a need for any additional jacks or wiring
    • If you have the ability to do light work like installing the router and other equipment

I suggest you might just want to call back. If the person you originally called ran a test to see if the ONT was present, it may not have answered properly. (The lights you mentioned sound like those on the ONT, so I'm assuming they are.) If you still have the router, you might just try power cycling the ONT and connecting the router to it to see if you get any sort of connection. Maybe it was never completely terminated. 


The TL:DR version is that in at least some cases, they can do a self-install kit.

[Be nice! We are mostly fellow Verizon customers.
My setup: 75/75 Mbps; Linux router (2x 1Gbps ports) + iptables; Netgear Orbi x 2
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Re: No fios self install option?

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It will help to leave the ONT (the box with the fiber connected to it) powered up.  Verizon's network can't detect it if it's not on!  I don't know how long it needs to be powered up before the ordering system sees it, but I wouldn't be surprised if it takes hours or even a day.


When you're ready to order, try using chat if you can.  They can be easier to reach then the phone folk.


Good luck


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Re: No fios self install option?

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I am in the exact same predicament. In my case there is a working ONT on a panel in the basement but they still claim someone has to come out. I had an install appointment on May 1, no one showed up and after hours and hours on the phone for 3 days I have been told that I just have to wait until I get a call for an in person appointment! No internet, no TV until then. I just moved in on May 1 and am required to work from home until we go back to the office and yet I am stuck without service. I am not thrilled about a competitor like Spectrum because I really wanted the FIOS service. Franky, I am not certain that Spectrum could have something up and running faster anyway. Just SO FRUSTRATED by this situation and VZW's attitude.

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Re: No fios self install option?

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There are a number of reasons that trigger the Verizon system to call for a tech visit.  It could be as simple as the ONT was unplugged and the system has forgotten about it, or it could be an BPON ONT that needs to be swapped with a GPON ONT before service can be turned on.


Right now, Verizon is being very careful about on-site tech visits due to COVID-19.  They have lost techs to the virus, and are doing everything possible to keep their employees and customers safe.  It is frustrating when this policy prevents installs; you are not alone.  Their policies and procedures are changing almost weekly, so it does make sense to ask them every week or so.


The best way to contact them for issues like this is through their social media team.  You can reach them on Twitter using @VerizonSupport or post at .

Depending on the specifics of your premise and your ability to do things like run Ethernet cables, they may be able setup a self-install.






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