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ONT switch from MOCA to RJ45 jack Bad Tech Advice?

ONT switch from MOCA to RJ45 jack Bad Tech Advice?

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I'm about to upgrade from 25/25 internet to 100/100. Verizon sent me a new Quantum Gateway router to replace my aging surtaxed ActionTec MI424


When I called to ask if a tech was coming to do the install, the verizon rep said I could do it myself... just unplug the MOCA coax from the old router and plug it into the new router. 


However.... I read somewhere that for speeds of 100Meg and higher an ethernet cable is required instead of a MOCA coax.  So I told the verizon customer service person that I wanted to change the connection from the ONT to the router from MOCA to ethernet.


Then I asked (when I am ready to switch over) who to call to make the change. She said that the switch would happen automatically if I just hooked up the new modem with an ethernet cable instead of the MOCA coax. I always assumed that someone at Verizon would need to provision the ONT to switch over. Did I get bad information?

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I should have added that I am downgrading my expensive FIOS TV package to local only channels so I want to use the ONT coax jack to send the QAM TV signals straight to the TV and give Verizon back my rental set top box.

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Normally Verizon would change your ONT if not capable of speeds over 100/100

say like if you wanted gigabyte internet. If your ONT can handle the speed you are going to then no ONT replacement is necessary.


however your going from MOCA to ethernet requires ethernet from that ONT to the FiOS Quantum Gateway Router. 

Now it’s true the coaxial to/from the router should just be a swap out. 

If you ask Verizon to switch you to an ethernet connection that can be done over the phone, HOWEVER you still need the ethernet to be plugged into the ont and then to the wan port on the router. If it is not already done, or you don’t know how to run the cat5e or 6 ethernet to your router then call Verizon and tell them you want it done.


explain that you were not hooked as ethernet previously and they should send someone out to do it.


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