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Odd internet connection interruption after 2-60 min.

Odd internet connection interruption after 2-60 min.

Copper Contributor boydpdx
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About 60 days ago we got FIOS installed for Internet, TV, Phone on the $99 package deal. Verizon painted and dug up our lawn, spent 5 hours installing all the wires and devices. Everything was installed and seemed to work just fine.


Then, 5 days ago, our internet connections started dropping.  We have 3 computers on our home network. Two of them are brand new Toshiba laptops running Vista, the other we use as a backup server (an old Toshiba running XP).  The connection seems to hold up for anywhere between 2-60 min. When it drops, I disconnect and connect again, and it seems to work for a little while and then drops.  I've also tried deleting the wireless network profiles and re-entering the WEP key.  Same result.


We've run all the diagnostics on both Vista machines to no avail in the resolution of the dropped internet gateway. We connected both machines directly with new cables and the same thing keeps happening, so it's not about wireless issues. We also disconnected the XP machine in case there were XP/Vista network issues causing the problem. We also cable-connected just one machine to the router, but still the problem occurred.


When the internet drops,  local networking functions are retained among all three computers.


We ended up getting a new router after calling the original technician who installed our system. He re-setup the internet connection with the new router officially (DHCP seal), but the interent connectivity continues to be a problem. So it's not the router.


We've now resorted to going to local coffee shops to get our work done, since we can't do it at home now (that's where I'm writing this from). The laptops function just fine at the coffee shops with no loss of connectivity at any time. As soon as we get back home and try to get on the internet, the problems start up again.


Virus scans have been done. All the "connectivity tools" that Verizon provides have been run several times. Firewall settings have all been checked. We've spent about 40 HOURS on this problem, and nothing seems to work.  Verizon has been of NO help whatsoever.


The only conclusion I can make about this is that there is some sort of intermittent Verizon switching problem in the Beaverton, Oregon area.  


If anyone from Verizon can address this issue in any way we'd appreciate it.  We're to the point of going back to Comcast just for the internet, paying extra just for that, since the TV and phone are much lower priorities in our lifestyle.


Copper Contributor boydpdx
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Hey, I'm finally able to get online at home!  But, I might as well be on dial-up, it's so slow--took 3 min. for this page to load.  I even ran the "connection speedup" utility.


I don't think FIOS internet is ready for prime time.

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#1 What is the brand and model of this router?

#2 Does the router support UPnP?

#3 If this router supports UPnP, did you turn off UPnP in the router?

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Copper Contributor boydpdx
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It's the standard issue from Verizon -- Westell Ultraline Series 3 (it's the 2nd one we've tried).  All settings were optimized, and yes, it does have UPnP, and it has a setting activated to allow other computers on the network to change its settings. Checking or unchecking this feature has not effect.


Thanks for the thought, though!

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Trying to isolate the dropped connection issue requires more info.


1. Do you have phone service, and when this happens are you able to make calls?


2. Do you have TV service and if so, does the guide get updated and does VOD work?


3. When you are having conectivity issues have you looked inside your ONT at what lights are on?


4. Does your router have CAT5 or only coax from the ONT?


5. If your router only has coax, have you tried disconnecting everything from the splitter except the router.


 6. Check all coax connections to be sure there are no shorts or frayed ground strands in the connector that may be shorting.


This information is required to isolate whether the issue is local or on the Verizon network. You say you are on your second router, so you would need to do some local troubleshooting. If you have a dialtone and or TV services are working, I would think it is a local problem. I have had FIOS for years and never remember a loss of connection.

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Copper Contributor boydpdx
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Phone and TV work fine--VOD works.  All relevant lights are on on the router--the internet light flashes.  Coax is the connection. It's brand new. Tried disconnecting the TV and phone--same problem.


This is day 8 of intermittent internet service.  I've been through the diagnostics on the phone 5 times without resolution.  The last time I pointed out the possibility that it was a local switching problem in the Portland Area, and all the tech could offer was that they did have a few similar reports. 


I'm wondering if there is some sort of traffic priority situation either in our neighborhood or in Beaverton. With the Verizon triple package, all we get is 2-10 Mbps for internet.  Perhaps this bandwidth is being prioritized as low priority on the network when loads increase. We notice we can get pretty steady internet in the late afternoons and late at night.  The morning, forget about it.

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I just started scanning Google to research problems with Verizon/Toshiba.  We have a Dell machine, a generic box desktop--both work fine with our router (Actiontec Ml424WR).  We have two Toshiba laptops with Vista.  We don't use them at the same time.  The newest, about 1 month old can never keep a connection.  Now the older Toshiba has started dropping.  I'm wondering if Verizon hasn't changed something in their Toshiba profiles/drivers, etc.  I'm too much of a novice to know the right words.  I just know that we're getting pretty frustrated.


I'm waiting to see if you get any good results.



Contributor petitefutee
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P.S.... Me again, sorry.  Since you (original poster) have all Toshibas, what about borrowing a friend's non-Toshiba laptop for a day to see if the connections drop with another brand?
Copper Contributor CPUGuy
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That is strange.  Let's see if I can help. 


First, can you describe exactly what you mean by "our connections started dropping"? 


  • Is there something that you see on screen?
  • Is it that web pages won't come up? 
  • Or, is it something else? 


What is it that you are able to "disconnect and connect again" to regain connectivity? 


  • Are you moving cables or changing a software setting?  
  • If software, are you changing that within the Vista interface, or within the Toshiba drivers? Also, what is the exact setting you are changing?


Oh, one more...


At home, do you use your laptops most often while connected to their power adapters or completely unplugged? Do you take the power adapters with you to the coffee shop?  




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