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Ok I'm Done With This Internet

Ok I'm Done With This Internet

Contributor coreygeer
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I'm done with Time Warner and I'm so far past the point of enraged.


Well, I've had Time Warner Cable (Road Runner) in 3 different locations. Let me start off by saying this is the Time Warner Midwest Ohio area (Dayton). I live in the city of Urbana though.

Once in Fort Hood, Texas
Once in North Lewisburg, Ohio

and now here in Urbana, Ohio.

The first two was decent since cable wasn't really popular and it was kind of new. Time Warner offered amazing support and instantly loading web pages and song downloads were just the highlight of my year once it was installed. (Anyone who's ever had to use Dial up before will understand why). Well, let's fast forward to the year 2006 when I installed Time Warner at this location (Urbana, Ohio). It has been nothing but a nightmare to say the least about this company.

It started out small like every week there would be a couple disconnects or speeds would randomly slow down.. but w/e only a couple of times a week.. no big deal, but we still called out the customer service reps and oh boy aren't they a treat. Not only do they have no idea what they're doing, in the past 3 years the only thing they have done is replaced the modem and router, over and over and over again.

Well, in the past few months it's been hell. ALL DAY the internet just slows down to a halt and won't load web pages or any kind of activity what so ever for about 30 seconds then it resumes to normal. We get at least 2 disconnects a day and MAYBE it kicks back on that day/night. Some times (we have several computers hooked up through a router) it will just randomly pick a computer and won't let it connect. There are no firewalls blocking and connections on any computer, it's just completely random.

I'm so far past angry and I'm done calling out customer service reps who have absolutely no idea what they're talking about or doing. The last time they came here, they just opened up speedtest and ran that a few times and said they couldn't find any problems. Then they logged into some Modem interface and they couldn't read any of the terms on the page so they had to call their supervisor.. it's just.. good god.. The support for this company in this area is beyond wretched and a horrible abomination.

I've heard nothing but amazing things about Verizon Fios Internet.

Not to mention all of the equipment they have given us is from the year 1999-2000. Yes.. every single router/modem/piece of hardware they've given us has the sticker on it still and it's usually labeled from the year 2000. Thank god, they're staying on top of new hardware in this area.

Not to mention the upload speed is GOD AWFUL... I'm talking around .20kb/s Sharing any kind of files what so ever is a complete nightmare and takes up all the latency just even running file sharing programs and makes the service horrendously slow to the point you can't even browse the web.


Is Fios worth it? I have 4 computers in this house (my desktop, my roomies desktop and laptop and my landlord's desktop) We'd be all connected through wired (a hub) so I'd like to ask you all if Fios is worth it. I've heard tons of people praising Verizon and loving the service so I figured I would come here and ask the community to see what they think.


Sorry for my rant.. I feel better now.

Gold Contributor VII
Gold Contributor VII
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Just my 2 cents here.  I have been a FIOS Internet customer for many years.  I run 4 computers, one running youtube videos, games etc, one running streaming Sirrus Internet Radio, the other connected via a VPN.  I have two VOIP phone services running,  one is Vonage and the other is my company's VOIP phone service located on the west coast.  I am on the East Coast.  I hardly ever have any connection issues or speed issues or even any voice quality problems.  


Does FIOS have its issues, sure.. You can pick up on some problems people have, of which I believe many are self inflicted.  Overall I have to say the FIOS internet service is great. Can't beat the amt. of bandwidth available and the amount of traffic one can pump through it without affecting your traffic.


A friend of mine has TW cable for his Internet service.  If I am talking to him while his PC performs its daily off-site backup his voice quality suffers and becomes choppy.  I can download/upload anything with everything else running and never have voice quality issues.


The reason I always mention voice is due to its sensitivity to delay.  You would hear the delay in the voice.  You don't necessarily know about delay in Internet data traffic.


Anyway just my 2 cents.  Worth it in the end.



Gold Contributor V
Gold Contributor V
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I just want to echo what jumping68ny said.


All internet providers have there issues and there is not one out there that has 100% reliability. Having said that, Fios has been fabulous for me. In my area there is not another provider that can even come close to the speeds I get with Fios.




But now the downer.... You said you are in Ohio.... Verizon doesnt have fios in Ohio and from what I understand, it wont be comming to Ohio any time soon... Sorry.


Error exists between keyboard and chair.
Contributor coreygeer
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Registered: ‎11-10-2009
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We found the following address in our records based upon the address you entered.

Please confirm that this is your address.
We found more than one address matching the address you provided.  Please select the correct address from the list below or select the last option to re-enter your address.

{edited for privacy}

That's the message I'm getting when I check for availablity for Fios Internet. I live on that street but that's not my address.

Also to one of the replies: If that's true and Fios isn't in Ohio.. I'll just cry. That means i'm stuck with Time Warner.

Contributor coreygeer
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Registered: ‎11-10-2009
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Well.. looks like I just called and Fios isn't available in my area.. *sigh*


Thanks for the help and replies.

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