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Old Equipment and Horrible Customer Service

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Old Equipment and Horrible Customer Service

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You would think that verizon Fios would be at least up to date on its hardware that is gives customers.  Recently I was contacted by a competitor cable company.  Anyone that lives on Long Island, NY will know who I am talking about (CV for short).  They offered my a comparable package to what I have now with Fios, but at a approximately $35 savings a month.  Since I have been with Fios and have been happy with their service I gave Customer Service a call to see if there was anything they would do since I am out of any contact or promotion to keep me as a customer.  One of the things that I was inquiring about was updating my modem.  Customer Service rep was horrible, had no idea what I was talking about, and I had to explain things about Fios products.  Basically the modem I was asking about was listed here....


Your Fios customer service rep told me that there was no such thing.  After having me on hold for 10-15 minutes while she contacted tech support, she told me they only have one modem and had no idea about what I was talking about.  I then had to read a url to her like a child pointing her too...


You customer service has no idea about the products you even offer. She then went on to say, "Oh, that's what you want then you have to buy it"  Really Verizon??  You claim to be such a front leader in quality and service but when you customers who are using old and outdated  equipment, you tell them to update to at least get up to todays standard it will cost me. 


Just two of the major differences of the modem are


New Modem:  10/100/1000 ports, and Wireless B/G/N

Old Modem: 10/100 Ports, Wireless B/G


My current modems standards are OLD!  Researching this modem (the new one) I have seen forums posts dating back at least 2 years stating it was released, so this is not something brand new for Fios.


Your competitor (C.V.) offers a modem that is at least up to to today's standards...and guess what, they give it too their customers now, not charge them.  Also just so people are aware that live on Long Island, this competitor is also offering an updated DVR, capable of recording 4 shows at one time (2 of them being cloud based...server side recording, then streaming to you)


So Fios, once again I do like your service.  I think you have quality, but your customer service is extremely poorly trained on your products.  Have really no knowledge and quite frankly are rude.  If you are happy telling customers who are inquiring about updating their products, "If you want to be at least up to have to pay for it"  


Do you value your current customers at all? To me it seems like you don't.  I believe in loyalty, but I also believe in going with the best deal vs quality.


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