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Old UPS - The Responsibility of a New User?

Old UPS - The Responsibility of a New User?

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The UPS for FiOS started beeping to days ago.  I get an e-mail from Verizon saying it needs to be replaced and telling me how I can buy a new one.


I called them this morning to find out why I'm responsible for replacing a UPS that wasn't new when I moved in to my house.  They said because it's out of warranty and I don't pay the "extra care" monthly fee.

 I ask them when it was installed, they told me 2009.  I moved in to this house in June 2011.  If I'm responsible for this equpiment, it should have been replaced with new equipment when my installation occured.  


If the UPS went bad 2 days after installation, I would have been responsible.


Why is the cost of Verizon doing business being pushed on to the consumer?  I already pay an obscene amount of money for your serverces.  Almost 400 a month between, internet, phone, TV, can mobile phones.  


This is the final straw for me.  My VZW contract is up in 2 months, I will be completely dropping Verizon from my life.  I cannot continue to spend serveral hours every month trying to figure out why they are wrongly charging me for different things.  I hope other people see this who are as fed up as I am.

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The UPS does not need to be replaced, just the battery. There have been many discussions in regards to battery replacement. Batteries are an expendable item.





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I understand where the OP is coming from, he's assuming that he may have gotten a few extra years out of the battery if they installed a new one,  Unfortunately even still, the battery has only the one year warranty on it, and yours lasted more than the warranty stated.


Now batteries are inexpensive, if you are a frugal shopper you can find it at amazon.com or battery mart.com for about 15-16 dollars.


I can understand where you would be upset though.


If it had lasted less than a year after you took service, Verizon would have replaced it, but unfortunately it'soutside the warranty.    Not sure if the cost vs time on the phone would be worth it to call and talk with a supervisor, no doubt you would have to endure quite a few transfers and some elevation in your blood pressure.


I personally would just buy one and call it a day.

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I was not in total disagreement with the OP. I have good power here, and have probably had my battery for more than three years. So I should be thinking of a replacement soon. I was just saying it was an expendable item like paper. Yes you would think if it was started up with a fresh battery, the op may have gotten 3 plus years, as usual for a UPS.


It would be nice if Verizon installed fresh batteries for New customers that sign up for accounts, especially if the battery is more than a year old. I believe they should also have an install date on the battery.


Anyone wish to add an idea or two, in the ideas section?Smiley Frustrated

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Is it mentioned in the TOS who owns the UPS?  If it belongs to Verizon, they should manage it.  If it belongs to the customer, then he should be free to do whatever he wants to it.

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Platinum Contributor III
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TOS is pretty clear on us having the responsibility of replacing the battery after a year unfortunately.

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Platinum Contributor III
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Even if you pay extra for the maintenance plan. It still exludes a number of items. See here.



Inside Wire Maintenance Plan/Inside Wire Maintenance Plan and Immediate Repair Plan for FiOS Digital Voice Customers



13. Replacement of ONT Batteries past warranty period

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