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One of your customer attempted to hack me

One of your customer attempted to hack me

Contributor PatrickJenny
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Good evening (I live at GMT +8),


I am an expat, residing in Philippines.


A few minutes ago, someone tried to breach my Gmail account, luckily I was in front of computer, and could immediately secure my account.


Here is a print screen of the attempt...


hack attempt.jpg


I would appreciate if you identify the hacker (or the victim of a bot) and take necessary measures...


Cordially Yours,

 {edited for privacy}


P.S. And yes... In order to be able to contact you, I had to use my VPN... ^^

Bronze Contributor I
Bronze Contributor I
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i believe that is what they call a phishing scam just mark it as spam and gmail will deal with.

Silver Contributor II
Silver Contributor II
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  We've found gmail to be very good at blocking spam & phishing like that.


"To have Gmail send messages from a specific sender to the Trash automatically:

  • Click the Show search options triangle in the Gmail search field.
  • Type the desired email address under From:.
    • You can block an entire domain by entering just that. To block all mail from both user-a@example.com and user-b@example.com, type "@example.com".
    • To block more than one address, separate them with "|" (the vertical bar; typically above the backslash on the keyboard; not including the quotation marks). You can block both user-a@example.com and user-b@example.com by typing "user-a@example.com|user-b@example.com", for example.
  • Click Create filter with this search ».
  • Make sure Delete it is checked under When a message arrives that matches this search:.
  • Click Create filter.
    • Check Also apply filter to [__] matching conversations to delete previously received messages."


  Hope that helps.

Contributor PatrickJenny
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Sorry, but I think you didn't read correctly the mail.... That was NOT a phishing scam.... This kind of scam consists in requeszting that you log on a "fake" site, in order to steal your details...


This mail was a genuine mail from Google. You can bet the first thing I did was to double check the validity of it !


As a precaution, I never click on a link in a mail, or open an attachment, so....


I have now enabled the double security feature, meaning that not only Google checks the geolocation of the connection everytime someone opens my gmail account, but second, they send a 6 digits code number to my cellphone.


I use online banking for a very long time, and am well aware of fishing scams. I don't jump on every suspicious behaviour. This was a genuine hacking attempt though.

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Gold Contributor V
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Welcome to the forums.  You're talking to Verizon's customers here.  We can offer suggestions based on the information you post, but that is all.  If you want to talk to Verizon, click here: Contact Us.


Good Luck.


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Contributor PatrickJenny
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Problem is that is what I get when I want to connect (and even when i connect through a VPN, I get a robot who "does not understand my question" I quote^^), in anyways don't worry, I already transmitted to FBI all logs concerning this attempt... :



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Platinum Contributor III
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usually you want to forward these to abuse@verizon.net


for future reference

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