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Ongoing url lookup failures finally crescendoed into an outage...

Ongoing url lookup failures finally crescendoed into an outage...

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For months clicking a new link would often but not always hang. I thought my actiontec rev a was the problem and have tried 1 other and have a second new router on deck. (Partially because the actiontec gets really bad reviews and my kids kill it with youtube buffer somethings.)


But last night, internet access totally failed. My 13 year old couldn't get to her online math book, no email, etc etc. No computers wired or wireless using a variety of DNS services could get anything resolved. Called support and eventually learned that there was an outage in progress at my co (mcmurray, pa).


This morning I was please to discover that the net is FLYING! No link-click hangs! The way FIOS ***USED*** to be! (And I didn't change anything at all!)


So in hindsight, months ago some obscure piece of hardware in the CO was starting to fail. I'd like to think there was a log file somewhere that statistically should have presaged the eventual outage. Could I have, in an orderly manner, initiated a support ticket back then that might have solved the problem without months of annoyance and the eventual outage?


Please note that although I have done time as tech support (not ISP stuff), but having spoken to India and having encountered their abrupt refusal to consider working through a non-actiontec router, I am not sure I would have had the patience to deal with overly script-bound rigid bureaucratic indifference.


Summary: 2 questions:

1) Is any additional data on the outage available? What box died, was it replaced? Or were baling wire and chewing gum involved in the fix?

2) Could a support call on the previous link-click intermittancy have reasonably resulted in anything other than frustration on my end? Just trying to learn from this one...

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#1 Points to http://www.dslreports.com/faq/16077


#2 How is your network setup:


Option 1, Option 2...




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if you suspect something is network related and might be part of an outage, it's important to call in, and go through the steps to place a network ticket, so that it can get logged.  there isn't any verizon entity at that higher level that talks directly with customers (millions of customers, and if given the choice of talking to a script reader or a higher up entity that could really troubleshoot, people would bypass the script front line support) 


so you kinda have to go through it,   the more tickets in the system, the easier it is for verizon to correlate problems by region, for it's outage info.   basically there is a threshold that needs to be met of incoming tickets within x amount of time, within a certain area, or with certain symptoms.  those need to be reported so that they can be addressed.

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