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Only 10Mbps Router to Ont

Only 10Mbps Router to Ont

Contributor Mighty3507
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I had Fios installed (internet only) the other day and was trying to replace the Verizon provided Westell 9100 with my existing Dlink Dir-655. Through a lot of trial of error and even having Verizon reboot the ONT, I was able to get an IP with the DIR-655. However, I was only able to do this if I set the WAN port speed on the 655 to 10Mbps. Using 100,1000 or Auto, I never could get a IP.  Anything other than 10Mbps results in alternating red and green lights on the ethernet status on the ONT. I connected my laptop directly to the ONT and it negotiated a connection at 10Mbps. The Westell always connects at 100Mbps.


Is there any thing I can do to get the 655 to connect to the ONT at 100Mbps or is there some configuration issue with the ONT? I have read of many successful connections using the 655. So, I know it can be done.


Any help would be appreciated.




(just a note I did try a different set of cat5e cables and I got the same results)



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Platinum Contributor III
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That is only one of the issues.

Verizon provided routers have a small routing table. See as need be


as what to do about it.

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Contributor cynthiaca0
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To the OP: I have the same problem, please let me know if you find out something new. I tried 5 different routers, the only one that worked was the old D-Link 524 that connect to the ONT with only 10mbps.

Tech support guys pointing fingers and I'm stuck in the middle.


What's the problem Verizon? My 4 routers? or my 10+ cables (cat5,5e,and cat6)? or your ONT?


Contributor Mighty3507
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Well, I had the problem resolved. I found that that neither dir-655 or my laptop with a 1gpbs nic would  connect at 100mbps to the ont. After a couple back and forth emails from tech support, they rebuilt my circuit. This did the trick. I released the IP on the Westell and hooked up the 655 at 100 without a hitch.


However, I am back to where I was. I was running for about 3 days with the 655.  Two days ago I ordered Call Assistant and the first time I took the 655 off line to change to a shorter cat5e cable (doing some cable management clean up) I could no longer connect to the ONT with the 655 at 100. So, I am not sure if the Call Assistant setup did something and I need my circuit rebuilt again. As before, the westell connects at 100 without a problem. Right now, I have the westell in bridge mode and have the 655 connected behind the westell. I do not see any speed issues right now. I have not decided to have  Verizon rebuild the circuit again or just live with my setup I have.


You may want to request a rebuild and see what happens.



Contributor DW9071
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I have the same problem. I had DIR-655 working fine. Great, buzzing along. SOMETHING happened. Have 3 calls into Verizon, and three calls into DLINK. Seems like finger pointing, but I cannot fix issue. I love the DIR-655. But I can get download speed of 2Mbps and uploads of 2Mpbs through router. I can get 10Mbps/2Mbps directly to pc. I can only get the router to work when the WAN port speed to 10Mbs. It's the only time it will pick up an IP. They have remotely reset the ONT, done everything I can think of but...I am stuck.
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