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Orbi and Circle by Disney

Orbi and Circle by Disney

Contributor macdonp
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So, i just spent all this money on Verizon's Orbi system.  The installation was pretty straight forward and went fairly smoothly.  (It helps when you read all the steps before you do something - unlike me sometimes.)  But after getting everything up and running, it was time to set up the Parent Controls.  Hey, wow - look at this, in the Orbi app itself, when you click on Parnet Controls, it brings you to another app - Circle by Disney.  OK, wasn't expecting that (another account, another password etc.), but hey, if it does it's job and helps me monitor my kids - great.


Well, lo and behold - Circle doesn't work when the Router is set to AP mode.  And that's exactly what you're told to do in the last set up step for the Orbi router - put it in AP mode.  Now I have more accounts, more passwords and no control over the kids network activites.  Just great, Verizon!  You've realy done it this time.


Any help from anybody????

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Gold Contributor V
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Whether you got Orbi from Verizon or Netgear the same parental control issue in AP mode would still exist. You could try using your FiOS app to manage parental controls. Or logging directly into the router at or myfiosgateway.com if you have a G1100. 

Contributor Arupaeo
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1) Log into your Fios router and find the Fios devices on your network (cable boxes, etc.) and record their IP addresses that are provided by the Fios router. Let’s say that you have a couple boxes with addresses like and

2) Restrict the range of IP addresses that are provided by the Fios router to encompass these devices. Let’s say you keep DHCP active, but limit the range to go from

3) Then permanently assign the existing IP addresses to the Fios devices by giving them static addresses in the Fios router.

4) Finally, put the Orbi into router mode, and similarly restrict its DHCP range from


Now the Fios router is happy serving its devices, and the Orbi can serve everything else, and Circle can interface with Orbi.

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