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Outage Ticket - All Services Down Going on 48 Hours....

Outage Ticket - All Services Down Going on 48 Hours....

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I lost all Fios services at 4:30pm on Monday 4/17.


The wait time to speak with a CSR was 2-1/2 hours, so I gave up. I talked to somebody on Facebook Mesesenger who seemed to understand my problem, kind of. Though they still insisted that I repeat the exact same troubleshooting steps that I had just faithfully executed at the instruction of the My Verizon app. Apparently convinced at last that I wasn't making this up to entertain myself on a slow Monday night, they sent me an email that said:


A repair ticket {edited for privacy} has been created for your service trouble and will be resolved on 04/17 by 4pm. 


Love the certainty in that statement! It "will be resolved!"


Come 4pm, it was not resolved.


I called and was able to get someone on the phone, and they told me that the fix time had been pushed back to 4:45pm. My ticket still showed 4:00pm. Hm. Why the difference? Why isn't my ticket updated in real time? The rep couldn't say.

Back to Facebook Messenger, the last outpost of Verizon employees who may actually be mildly interested in helping you! The Facebook chatter was shockingly well informed and told me that there was an Outage Ticket# {edited for privacy} that superceded my repair ticket. I checked that ticket and, sure enough, it showed 4:45pm.


Come 4:45pm, all services still down. New deadline: 4/18, 8:45am.


As of 8:41am, we were still on target. I might be able to do some work after all! But alas,  8:46am, the target was pushed back a full sixteen hours to 12:45am on 4/19. I can only imagine what crisis must have occurred at the work site that changed the goal from "4 minutes away!" to "sixteen hours and four minutes away!"


Note that I've received a grand total of zero notifications from Verizon about the status of my service. If it wasn't for a single enterprising Facebook Messenger chatter, I would still be staring at a repair ticket with a goal of 4/17 at 4pm. When I can finally get someone on the phone, the grand summation of information that they can share with me is: there is an outage there is an outage there is an outage there is an outage there is an outage there is an outage. 


Other questions go unanswered. Why has the expected time of resolution been pushed back three times by a total of over 30 hours? Why does Verizon make information about their outages so hard to find (and why do they limit this information exclusively to Facebook Messenger chatters)? Why doesn't Verizon proactively communicate any information whatsoever to their customers? What is the nature of the outage? How many customers are affected? Why should I have any faith in your latest projection? In response: lots of mumbling, followed by a perfunctory apology. It does not help.


To all people employed in Verizon Customer Service, except for the heroic Facebook Messenger chatters: you are doing a very bad job.

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Try this site here. Much better than even messenger.


They are real Verizon employees and your communication to them is secure and private both ways. They are also the same from twitter Verizon assistance.



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