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Outbound Web Traffic Monitoring

Outbound Web Traffic Monitoring

Contributor FarangUS
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I do not see any ability to review web traffic outbound from devices on my FIOS home network. Nothing under parental controls,  or the firewall section of the FIOS router admin sections when I log into it. Is there a way to view outbound web URLs on my network without having to review each device's browser histories individually?

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Platinum Contributor III
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Most lower end routers (like the FIOS routers) don't have that capability.

If you don't have Verizon TV service with STBs, you can replace the router with one that has that capability.

If you have Verizon STBs, you can use your own router or firewall that has that capability. You will need to read the thread on using your own router.

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Contributor GolferMA
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Thanks.  In this day and age where kids can get into real trouble on the internet and hackers can break in, it would be a huge advantage to be able to monitor who is on, where they are going and for how long.

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Short of using a proxying router which can capture the hostnames in place of the Verizon router, your best bet is to check out a service like OpenDNS -- you'll need to go with the paid service, but for a home use it's very reasonably priced.   When you reconfigure your network to use their DNS servers (which you can have the Verizon router use at it's upstream as well), it will collect statistics on the name resolutions is processes for you (so you can see what hostnames were being looked up) and will also allow you to filter by category on undesirable content (including Malware and known Phishing sites automatically -- even with their free service).

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