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Outlook 2010 cannot send messages to Yahoo email account

Outlook 2010 cannot send messages to Yahoo email account

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Just switched from Cox to FIOS.  I have Outlook 2010 on my Windows XP computer, which I use to download my Yahoo and Gmail emails.  After FIOS installation, my incoming Yahoo emails are getting downloaded; but outgoing are not being sent.  (Gmail is working fine in Outlook).  I tried changing the outgoing mail server to various combinations like :


I also tried the following Outgoing Server Ports 587, 465, 25


Verizon could not help me, they only answer questions related to Verizon's email service.  I googled this and could not find a solution.


Any help appreciated.

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Are you using a account or a account partnered with Yahoo? - This is the SMTP server provided on Yahoo's help page. It requires authentication with your info. They do not list a port, but try 587 (port 25 will not work on a VZ conection). - This is the SMTP server for Verizon/Yahoo accounts. It requires authentication with your info. Port 587 should also work for this one.


If this does not solve your problem, maybe you can provide the error you are getting?

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I have had the same problem with Outlook 2007 and Verizon. I can receive email from Yahoo email accounts, just can't send them. I have also talked with Verizon support and they don't have a solution. The problem appears to be with Yahoo and they aren't talking, but supposedly working on the problem.

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I agree with tnolte.  There has to be an issue somewhere in Yahoo.  The new settings do NOT work from a modem configured for a Verizon account.   They usually do when on a non-Verizon configured network.  I've given up trying to use anything but web mail to send outgoing from my home using my normal address.  Can't be done under any circumstances.

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