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Own Router, FIOS Service - My Version

Own Router, FIOS Service - My Version

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Thanks again for your insights.


I am getting the spinning wheel and the error code when I stream -any channels- on my home network. I haven't even tried to do it "on the road," so to speak (out of my network).


The fact that you're streaming TV content perfectly and (I assume) are using your DVR flawlessly while using a third-party router gives me hope. I assumed it had to be possible. I just haven't gotten those results yet.


I didn't release the DHCP lease when I removed the Fios router and replaced it with my own. Does anyone think this might be causing the issue?





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So, I’m still a little confused, since some folks are saying you -cannot- use a third party router as your only router (for both Internet and TV), whereas others are saying that they are doing just that.


One more clue - my TV steam works flawlessly on LTE. When I connect to the home network (third party router,

MoCa adapter), no streaming whatsoever. Just spinning wheels and error codes.


Just to recap, at this point, I’ve gone back to trying the “third party solution.”


(Not necessarily in this order)

-Plugged the TP-Link router back in

-Connected the Actiontec MoCa adapter

-Reconnected the Fios router and released the DHCP lease

-Removed the Fios router from the equation entirely

-Deleted and reinstalled the Fios TV app

-Restarted everything several times


Most things (Internet) are working splendidly... just can’t get that streaming to work at all.





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After posting the last comment, it occurred to me that, since the issue only happens when I’m on my third-party router, maybe it’s a setting on the router that needs to be changed... is that feasible?


Again - this TP-Lunk router is now my -only- router, so I don’t think there are any conflicts with the Fios router, since that’s unplugged and in a box. But maybe there’s some setting that I haven’t enabled (or disabled) to allow for these TV streams to get through?


Just a thought.



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