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Packet loss

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Have been experiencing packet loss for months now. Have restarted my router and modem multiple times. When I pinged my router using WIN MTR, I average 4ms but I get spikes of over 200ms every 10 or so seconds, and over 250ms for any other IP address. I've changed the DNS to the public ones, and, still nothing. I've tried a clean boot. I've tried basically everything. Nothing has worked, the problem has not changed, no matter what I have done. Any suggestions?

I can't attach network logs but I have this:


Also my problem is exactly the same as the one on this post and this one.


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Fios does not use IPv6 so disregard that error.

the other are dns resolving errors on chase bank. Many times such sites resolve to more secure sites that use a spoofing of the IP address to make it harder on hackers and scammers to gain access. 


Sort of like many many years ago when banks redirected your request to another server or domain. Not a big deal.


so actually not a big issue.

my question would be first what router you are using? Verizon's or your own or both?

what speeds are you provisioned for? If you feel that your provisioned speed is below par call 1-800-VERIZON select tech support.


please note Verizon is famous for non support for routers not of their own branding.

any router support would then fall on the customer. Even if you use your own it's best to keep a Verizon router on hand just in case. Or use your own router in access point mode and you still will have Fios showing their router so tech support can be obtained.

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Turns out it wasn't the router, it was my driver. I had Bios A07 and I updated it to A13 and it's fine now.


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