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Paying for gigabit connection, but Tech Support thinks I have 100mbps

Paying for gigabit connection, but Tech Support thinks I have 100mbps

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I installed Verizon Fios into my new apartment yesterday, even though a technician was supposed to come do it until I called and asked if anyone was coming and they said no. At first I was getting a red globe issue, but then after talking to tech support I finally got it set up. He asked me to test my speeds and they were hitting about 100mbps. I mentioned this to the guy and that I was supposed to be getting gigabit speeds. He said that on his end it says I was signed up for 100 mbps. For more context, I orinigally signed up for 100mbps speeds, but then after I saw a deal for gigabit, I changed my plan to that on the Fios app. So I think somewhere along the line, some of Verizon got my change to gigabit, but some didn't. The tech support guy directed me to customer service, and they told me that they had me down for Gigabit internet which is correct. So the tech side seems to think I have 100 mbps, which is the actual speeds I'm getting at the apartment. But Customer service and my app say I'm getting Gigabit (and paying for it). Also, in my app when I go to "Fix Slow Internet Connection Speed," it says the fios internet speeds that I am subscribed to are 100Mbps download and upload.


So all in all, I think if the tech side can change this in their system, my speeds would change and reflect that. If anyone has had any similar issues, I would appreciate hearing how you got it fixed.

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Call verizon fios and tell them to PROVISION you for your speeds. However if the initial 100/100 is what they have you on you are going to get charged for the gigabyte plan.



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Log in to your online account.

What does it show as service?

Possible that the order never went through.

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