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Piper Alarm System and Fios

Piper Alarm System and Fios

Contributor Pizza-Man
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I have a Piper alarm system. Its similar to the Canary system sold on the VERIZON site. Anyway, I have two Pipers one on the main level of my home and one in the basement. I've only had the system for about 3 months. Recently the Pipers have been losing network connections. They are on the network wirelessly. Piper tech support is pretty good at responding to emails and you can chat with them on the web site. They keep telling me its a network problem. That I need to reset my router or check with my ISP to make sure the network is okay. Move the Piper closer to the router and such. The major problem is the Piper will not reestablish a network connection until you physically reset it. Which mean if I am at work and the Piper loses network connection, it stays like that all day until I can get home to reset it. So far they wont admit that the Piper may have a problem. I tend to believe that my network is 100%. No other devices fall offline. So, I am just wondering if anyone else has had a problem with a similar system or if anyone has a solution?



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Platinum Contributor III
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What is the model of your FiOS router? Have you made any adjustments to the router, such as with adjustments to the channels used?

Contributor Pizza-Man
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I have the FIOS G-1100 router and I have not made any changes to the settings.

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If you do by chance have an Android device, I strongly suggest you get the app "Wifi Anaylizer


This app would show you what channel all the other WiFi networks are on. If you see that one is over-crowded, then try switching the WiFi channel from your router (Channels 1, 6, and 11 can be used for 2.4 GHz)


By chance, how far away is the cameras from the router, and have you tested with other devices how strong their signal is in that area? Perhapse you could use a network booster to help extend the WiFi coverage to the area. 


I wish I could help more, but not sure as to why your camera would be doing this. I have several wireless cameras (Not piper brand) without issues for weeks connected to my G1100. 

Contributor Pizza-Man
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Thanks for the reply Justin,


I don't have an android device. I did find something for the iPhone but not quite as detailed as Wifi Analyizer. It doesn't show what channel the network is using. 


I do have an access point in the upper level of my house. The Pipers about 30 and 50 feet from the router. 


I don't know what else to do either. I think the Piper should reconnect to the network automatically but they are not doing that. I have let Piper know but they still blame the network. No other devices I am using drops the network connection. 


Thanks again.



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