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Please bring Fios to Rochester, NY

Please bring Fios to Rochester, NY

Location: Rochester, NY
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The title is self-explanatory. Time Warner has decided to screw over their customers in Rochester, NY with a bandwidth cap. If there were any plans of expanding into the Rochester area, now would be the ideal time. The main alternative to Time Warner is Frontier, and they are an inadequate company.

Location: Rochester,NY
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I totally agree we need to knock TW off its high horses and bring in some real internet. As it is we are behind in broadband speeds compared to the rest of the world. Come on Verizon get your service to Rochester NY you alrety support Buffalo and Syracuse so why not Rochester? Im willing to jump for good internet service and speeds with no caps and sign a contract to boot.
Location: Rochester, NY
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found this on a google search, we need Verizon here now to pick up all the people who will be ready to switch to a superior service and with the cap coming this is a lock.
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My brother has FIOS in NJ and raves about it!

Gosh, my whole life with Time Warner jerking us around and upgrading their equipment has taken years!


Please Verizon, bring FIOS to Rochester and you'll have thousands of customers signing up!

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Adding my voice to the chorus - PLEASE bring FIOS to Rochester.  The service is so much better than Road Runner that many would switch, especially in light of TW's impending bandwidth cap.  Rochester is a high tech community in desperate need of good choices for high end broadband connectivity.  Can you hear me now?  Pretty please?  With cheese? With a garbage plate?  Whatever it takes...
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As long time Time Warner Cable/Road Runner customer I was severly dissapointed to hear they would be bringing the cap to Rochester, NY. Thought they might have left this decision in the planning stages when I first heard about it a year or so ago. Guess not, ready to jump ship at any prospect since there is really no viable alternative for high end broadband internet here in Rochester. Pretty say for a city that has so many tech oriented industries and colleges/universities. Please find a way to bring FiOS to  Rochester, NY.
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Yes, seriously, the TWC cap has left me pretty much livid and ready to switch to any other option.  There are many legitimate (legal) uses which can put you over 40GB/month, and personally I'd rather not pay extra for something I've had for a long time.  Frontier DSL is certainly an option, but I'd rather not deal with the extra latency... FiOS would be the perfect option.  While I know the investment costs to bring any Verizon home service to the area would be pretty immense, I'm sure that the costs would be paid back pretty quickly from people willing to switch from TWC.  They generally charge a rather exorbitant amount compared to what they should, and a lot of people have been getting angry at them.  I would switch to FiOS from them in a heartbeat even without the bandwidth cap; this is really the straw that breaks the camel's back.  So seriously, if there's any way that Verizon could roll out into Rochester... now is the time.

Location: Rochester, NY
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PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!! Bring FiOS to Rochester and eat Time Warner Cable's lunch. EVERYONE I know would drop TWC like a hot rock if FiOS were available. This market is yours for the taking.
Location: Rochester
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I Let me add my name to those who are desperately wanting the Fios to come to Rochester.  I have friends in buffalo New York who have Fios and totally love it.  I have friends in Syracuse who sing its praises too.   Rochester is right in the middle. Please extend your service to those of us in Rochester.... and SOON!


Time warner has slow speeds and completely unreliable.  Now their extremely overpriced tiered and forced restrictions are causing people to jump ship from them in record numbers.   Unfortunately the only other option in Rochester is an even slower DSL.    If Verizon Fois came to Rochester- you would scoop up all of us who are dropping our services with Time warner.


There are petitons and newsletters circulating and almost everyone is saying that if Verizon Fois came to Rochester- they would all sign up.   Verizon has thousands upon thousands of people who are eagerly awaiting any sign of verizon offering Fois here.  You will recover your set up costs in no time.  You will offer massive competition to Time warner and you will win.  No one in their right mind would pay more for time warners forced restrictions and unreliable service if we had verizon Fios here. 


It would be a very good business decision to offer services here and the sooner the better.  The sooner you do, the more people you will have.

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Even if Time Warner reverses their decision, I have well over $100 a month I would like to spend on FIOS services (Internet / Phone / Television). 


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