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Possible fraud fishing e-mails I am getting that look like they are coming from Verizon

Possible fraud fishing e-mails I am getting that look like they are coming from Verizon

Contributor billsimard
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I am getting e-mails that look official, saying that my e-mail account is going to be closed on the 8th.  I have been getting these for a while, and ignoring them, but they look very official.


My bill is autopay, and current, never missed a payment.  No reason my account should be closed.


Pretty sure this is some sort of phishing scam, or fraud, but I can't figure out where these e-mails are really coming from, or if there truly is a problem with my account


It says it is coming from:


verizon-notification@verizon.com <verizon-notification@verizon.com>


Last chance before your email account is locked


Your verizon.net email is being retired. You must take action by midnight tomorrow, April 08, 2017. If you choose not to take action, your email will be locked and you will be unable to view, send or receive email. Other than this change, your Verizon service(s) won't be affected.

We have two options for you to consider. Please review both options and take action today to avoid losing access to your email.


Choosing an option is easy.

  1. Go here to sign into your verizon.net email account.
  2. Select Keep verizon.net email address or Try any other email provider to complete the setup.



Not sure what to do. Tried calling Verizon, but you are closed right now.  Please help.





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Silver Contributor III
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Where are you getting these emails? At your current verizon.net email address or your own personal address?


Verizon recently purchased AOL, an online email and search engine service. To make life easier for Verizon they're going to migrate all of their existing verizon.net email customers to AOL's service. This might be related to the message your seeing. See here for more info: https://help.aol.com/articles/verizon-move-to-aol-mail-faq


The other reason you could be getting these emails is Verizon sets a time frame (I can't recall but I believe its around 6 months) where if you don't login to your Verizon email they disable it, to cut down on accounts that aren't being used anymore. 

Contributor billsimard
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I went to the Verizon Fios site, and they are moving to AOL, so it is legit. I did the steps they said to do.  Everything seems to still be working OK with my mail since I did the steps.


So, is Verizon now AOL ?  AOL owns Time Warner, another ISP, and DirecTV, and I think another provider.


It is very confusing.  They should change everything to one name, like AOLtv for DirecTV, and AOL for all the ISP's they own, that would make it a lot simpler for everyone.  Just a thought

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Silver Contributor III
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Glad to hear it all got resolved.


It does get very confusing. Actually Verizon now owns AOL, not the other way around. And they bought AOL for a pretty big number of $4.4 Billion. 


Pretty interesting article regarding their choice: http://fortune.com/2015/06/24/verizon-gains-aol/

Contributor billsimard
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Registered: ‎04-05-2017

So Verizon Owns AOL, who Owns Time Warner, who owns DirecTV ?


Wow, at least the gasoline companies, when they merge, like BP bought someone, and they got rid of the other company.


Mobil bought Exxon and got rid of the Exxon name,


Sunocco bought someone and got rid of thier name.


That is how it should work.  Just one name.


And VZW, there are like 4 divisions of that, AT&T, VZW, and two others.  I can't make heads or tails of it.


I just put the bill on auto pay and as long as the service keeps working, I really don't pay much attention.


I guess I really should pay attention.


They should send out e-mails that are special, with like return receipts and high priority alerts, and flashing lights, something that makes you stop and say "OK, this is big, and I need to take the time to read this and do what it says"


I get a lot of junk mail, so unless it has a return receipt or other marker telling me it is urgent, I just skim and delete.


Robo calls would be great.  If they did that, to say, check your e-mail tomorrow, urgent message coming through about changing you account, and have an authentication password that you set up that lets you know it is official and coming from Verizon, and not a phishing scam.


It would be really helpful.


Also, if they could do alerts on the bill, like my power company does, they text me 10 days before the bill is do, 3 days before, the day it is due, and then they text me that the autopay went through and the bill is paid.


That would be great if Verizon could do that.


When I am away from home, most of the time in the hospital, I am really ill, in and out of the hospital a lot, it is nice to know the bill is paid and to be able to keep track of my balance in my bank.


Just some thoughts.  Hope they can look them over and maybe do them ?

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Actually Verizon does not own Time Warner, Charter Communications does.

Exxon was Esso and Mobil has always been Mobil Gas since Mr. Rockefeller was told to divest his oil company (standard oil) it was just a merger of two of the largest oil companies nothing to get upset about.


Sun Oil Company and Texaco and Chevron are all partnered. Not sure about merged.

in fact I cannot figure out just what your issue is. 


Aol now Yahoo Mail are or will shortly be under Verizon. There was an article yesterday about Verizon giving them a different name.


Robo calls are not permitted. And frankly most customers don't want those "highly important your bill is due and we want you to pay by this date or that date or you will get a late charge" however customers don't realize that you cannot be charged a late fee for advanced payment (1 month) so that reminder is stupid in its self.


if it spam mail you are complaining about well it's something that society as a whole must combat. We have laws in place and yet the onslaught of unsolicited email continues. Until any and all isp's that allow the sending through their systems are shut down from the net this safe haven for spammers will and should dry up.


yahoo and GMail seem to have pretty good blocking software when it comes to not getting a flood of spam mail.


so just keep hoping things improve.


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