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Problem with Showtime Anytime app and Parental controls

Problem with Showtime Anytime app and Parental controls

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Having a problem here,


I've the showtime anytime app on my iPad.  If i log in using my primary account, i have no problem.  If i log in with either of two secondary accounts, i cannot watch anything rated above PG-13.


I have checked the parental control settings in the web interface several times.  They are set to allow viewing of anything, and i am still unable to watch anything over PG-13 on the secondary accounts.


I've been dealing with Verizon's support for about two weeks now, with no resolution (but that is another complaint for another day).



Any ideas?

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did you login to the main account

then hover over account 

hover over account profile 

and select residential 



and then click on sub accounts

and then click on each individual sub account



When you create sub accounts, you tell the age of the person using it, which enables parental controls for those users, but that is done from the main account.

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Yes, i did.

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log in there, and then click settings, and there is a parental control section there under settings.  

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Yup,  I've been there several times.  I've tired turning them off (they were off to begin with), as well as turning them on and setting them to their least restrictive setting.


Still cannot view anything rated above PG-13 on my iPad via the Showtime Anyime app.

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make sure that when you login to that site, you are logging in with the sub accounts, and not the primary.     If it is fine there, even when signed in with sub accounts, then it might be the parental controls in the IPAD.  I had the same problem with netflix.    so check your parental controls in the ipad next.   

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Same exact issue here.  Any ideas? I've tried everthing already mentioned.

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Found the solution.  The parental controls is not a Verizon barrier, but rather a Showtimeanytime barrier.  To change the default parental controls for a subaccount (which defaults to restrict all non-children programming viewing), you must login to the showtimeanytime page ( with your primary Verizon credentials.  Once logged in, you can access the parental controls under your account settings (hover over your username and you will see Settings link in top right hand corner), which controls the parental controls of your subaccounts.


Here is an online article discussing showtimeanytime and the parental features.



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One additional note, the showtimeanytime site is a flash app.  You may have to delete your cookies so that the app does not try and use the cached parental control settings for your subaccount.


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I've been trying to resolve this with my sub-accounts as well. I have set the restriction to NR on the verizon site, and the Showtime site says I can't set them there, I have to set them at the verizon site. The HBO GO site works properly so I'm missing something with the Showtime app.  I even uninstalled the app from my phone and reinstalled after the controls were set. No luck. Any other ideas out there?

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