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Problems accessing some parts of some web pages

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Problems accessing some parts of some web pages

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I know this is going to sound like it's specific to a particular web site or it's a PC-specific or browser-related problem, but I've done some tests that indicate it has to be something with my Fios Internet access.  Fios was installed about 2 months ago, I'm in northern Prince George's County, MD.


Some web pages are loading very slowly, primarily when it comes to loading in separate bits of code from providers like Google (things like Google Maps or Adsense).  For example, when I try loading this page:


...into Firefox it loads most of the page but shows a "Loading <something from Google>" or "Reading ..." or "Waiting for" type of message at the bottom of the browser for a VERY long time before it finally completes the page load process.  When I look at the messages in the Firefox "Error Console" there are all kinds of warnings and generally incomprehensible messages.


I've tried loading these pages on several different PC's and several different browsers that are connected to my Fios Internet, all with similar (but not always consistent) results and error messages.  BUT, when I finally decided to try connecting my laptop wirelessly to one of my neighbors unsecured networks, everything worked fine without error.   I also asked friends to try the same web pages and they haven't encountered any trouble (you probably won't, either).


I'm seeing similar error messages in Firefox when accessing major sites like Yahoo Mail.  Again, when I connect using another ISP, no problem.


I'm no expert on the whole concept of DNS, etc but it looks like certain pieces of the "Interwebs" are intermittently either very slow to respond or unavailable to me. 


Does anybody have any insight into what might be happening here?  Is there perhaps something I need to adjust in my modem settings to eliminate these problems?


It's not the world's biggest problem, but I have a few web sites and I'd like to make sure that these problems aren't occurring for anyone else who tries to visit my sites via Fios Internet.


Thanks for your assistance.


edited: I just noticed that this forum is triggering the same kind of Firefox errors that I've seen on other sites.  Lots of warnings about missing declarations in CSS files, etc.  It definitely sounds like certain files just aren't being loaded.

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Re: Problems accessing some parts of some web pages

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Kmanter, I sent you a private message check your inbox &  get back to me thanks.


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