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Problems connecting a Samsung Blu Ray BD-P1600 to my Router

Problems connecting a Samsung Blu Ray BD-P1600 to my Router

Contributor rlusby49
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Just bought a blu ray player and cannot get the wired network setup to work.  I have an older DI-624 wireless router from Verizon.  The network tests are passing the "MAC Address" and failing at "IP Address, Subnet Mask...".  I'm also noticing that connecting the player seems to be intermittently knocking out my internet service in the whole house. 


I have tried leaving DHCP on and off...any ideas?

Nickel Contributor
Nickel Contributor
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Networked Blu Ray??  Interesting, what does it get or do on the network?


You'd need ot refer to the devices documentaion as to how to connect it.  It's either DHCP or not, or selectable, but there's likely somehthing simple that you're missing.  It's always something simple that trips us up.  Smiley Happy

Bronze Contributor I
Bronze Contributor I
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I'm a BD newbie myself, as I just got my Blue Ray player a short time ago.

With that said, there are certain um... widgets? that come with Blue Ray disks — enhancements that one downloads during play of the disc itself.  This also entails a memory card that acts as a temp. file folder that you have to buy and stick in.  Still, in the beginning you probably have to enable Network Connection in the Setup menu of the player.  So yes, your solution may just be that simple. 


My Toshiba player will let you choose DHCP (default) or you can get fancy and assign it your own static IP — though this shouldn't be necessary.  I'm guessing yours is similar.  Once you enable you should be able to find where your player displays all its ipconfig info just like a computer does when you do ipconfig as a command prompt.


About that router of yours, is that the old D-Link?  Since this is the FIOS section, all I've ever known is Actiontec, Westell, and D-Link for routers, so I'm assuming yours is in the third group.  They are swapping out the old D-Links every chance they get, so maybe you need to do a trade in with whatever it is that you have.  As far as I know, the only models in (approved) circulation are the Actiontec and the Westell.

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Gold Contributor VII
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I have the P1600 and connected it via a wired connection without any issue using the Actiontec Router.  I never have any disconnect problems.  I also have a Samsung TV with a wireless connection and it works fine too..


As someone suggested give Verizon a call and see if you can swap the Dlink out for the Actiontec. 

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