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Problems streaming Netflix & Amazon Prime movies

Problems streaming Netflix & Amazon Prime movies

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pbergeron37 wrote:

<armond wrote>

>As far as I'm aware, the 7100 STB cannot connect wirelessly to the router or elsewhere, and in fact should be connected

>via coax,


You are correct, it is connected via coax.  I meant to say I have another BluRay player connected to this STB which

is wirelessly connected to the router.


Not to be a pest, but your Blu-Ray is NOT connected to the STB.  It's connected to the display device and usually by HDMI. OTOH, if you are using the Blu-Ray to stream content, it is connected to the Internet via the Actiontec router, either by Ethernet or via wireless.  In any case, keep us posted and we'll keep trying on this end.


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You are correct (and I don't mind being corrected)


>>Not to be a pest, but your Blu-Ray is NOT connected to the STB.  It's connected to the display device and usually by >>HDMI.


Also,  based on what happened yesterday I am suspecting this is not a "local" hardware issue (router, connections, streaming units...).


I think it is either a  Verizon BW or Streaming Service BW issue.


Around 6pm Satuday I was watching a streamed HD movie from Amazon (connected via CAT 5).  My kids were

simultaneously watching a streaming Netflix movie on the wireless setup (Blu-Ray player to TV).


Neither of us had any problems with buffereing for the 2hours we were simultaneously viewing...


My kids then shut off their blu-ray unit and left.  20 minutes later my HD movie finished and I started wathing

a standard definition movie on Amazon. By now it was just after 8pm.  Thirty minutes in to the movie

I had major buffering problems (movie kept pausing every 10s or so)  for 10 minutes at which time I gave up.


During the week I see similar behavior where there are no issues say between 3 and 5pm  but after maybe 6 or 7pm  that problems occur.


As I stated originally,  I spoke with Amazon about this issue and they can look at the history of movies I've watched

and can tell if any issues are on their end or the users end. They told me they were seeing buffering

on my end for the last movie I had experienced problems with.


Now I thought FIOS was not BW limited the way cable is.  Is it possible that FIOS slows down in heavy useage areas?


Next time this occurs I'll immediately do a BW test but those tests don't seem to last long enough to test for

"fluctuating" BW?


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I'm very interested in this thread as I'm having the exact same issues. I've got an internet ready LG TV with a direct ethernet connection to the Actiontec router. In the past few weeks I've suddenly been getting awful buffering and dropping out many times during Amazon streaming shows. And it is happening during 'prime time' (6-9pm)


Amazon told me the same thing--that my records show excellent bandwidth streaming with sudden complete drops. The tech said it looked like the provider was using some sort of Speed Burst that was dumping a ton of data and then 'resting' before sending the next packet--obviously not what one wants for Streaming unless a huge amount is pre-buffered.


I recently upgraded to the fastest FIOS they were offering in my area, which I think issomething like 50/30 and certainly should be fast enough for an HD video.


I'm puzzled since everything was behaving beautifully until a couple of weeks ago, and Amazon even saw the same thing--recent drop outs.


I assume it is Verizon but they are impossible to get hold of and when you do, it is rare to get a tech who understands and can diagnose the issue, so any input you all have would be great. I don't know of any way to adjust the HD streaming of Amazon to either increase the buffering or lower the transfer rate (which Hulu does let you do), and I hate to have to switch to SD after bothering to pay for all the HD stuff.

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I am also having very similar problems.


At about 7pm I log into Amazon streaming via Sony S790 bluray player. I have 35mps Fios and the system is hardwired. Connection speed at log in is 15mps. I choose the program I want to stream. Initial speed is still 15mps. After about 1 minute you can watch the speed drop from 15mps to 0.5mps in about 30 seconds. I then get a message to contact my ISP because of the low speed. After about 2 minutes the streaming resumes for about 30 seconds and the whole cycle repeats.


If I watch a couple hours later, 9pm, speeds are now 35mps and there are no problems.


This is has happened two nights in a row. Previously there were never any issues.


Clearly Verizon is doing something to the bandwidth. I live in a small community and I do not think there are many Fios users in the area.


I tried contacting Verizon support via phone and chat but the system is impenetrable and is designed not to allow contact.

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The loss of streaming happened again last night. Here were the circumstances:


Started watching Amazon at 5:30pm (PST), 15mps. Worked fine until 6:58 when speed went downt to 2mps, streaming paused, message to contact ISP. Streaming resumed after about 1 minute. This happened three times in row. Then speed went to 25mps and I had no further problems.


Clearly Verizon Fios is screwing with the speed. I would call them to see if it is a neighborhood problem but I have not found it possible to get through their impenetrable customer "support" system.

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GGA wrote:


Started watching Amazon at 5:30pm (PST), 15mps. Worked fine until 6:58 when speed went downt to 2mps, streaming paused, message to contact ISP. Streaming resumed after about 1 minute. 


That doesn't make sense to me.  With my prior cable provider my best connection speed was around 1.5mps.  At that speed I never had a problem streaming content from Amazon.  I didn't encounter problems until it dropped below 1mps. Depending on the content I was ok at under 500kps.


With FIOS my connection speed is routinely 15mps or above. I have not encountered a single problem streaming media since switching over.


I don't doubt the problems being related in this thread are real.  But I suspect the connection speed is not the real culprit. Something else is going on and the speed issue is just a symptom of the real problem.

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I don't think it is speed either--that is a symptom. In my case the Amazon rep could see in the logs that I was receiving excellent data volume that would just suddenly drop to zero. And it was a recent phenomenon. Something is cutting data flow to a trickle in some of the posters' cases or off altogether in mine. If I have a few hours to spare this weekend I'll suck it up and try their support line, though I'm not holding my breath. If I learn anything I'll post it. And Walt178, I hope your luck holds. My service was excellent too until the past few weeks....
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I'm having exactly the same problems with a wireless Samsung TV and Samsung won't touch the problem ("talk to you ISP.")


I did, and upgraded my old Rev A Actiontek router to a Rev I. At the same time I got a good deal from Verizon and upgraded my speed from 25/15 to 50/25.


Guess what - still having problems with HBOgo and Pandora.


I have a mix of wireless devices hooked up to my router (3 computers, 3 printers, 2 DVD players) as well as 3 hard-wired set-top boxes and everything works fine except the Samsung TV.


I have run speed tests with all devices connected individually and collectivley and there is no loss of signal or performance regardless of how many devices are running.


Latest input from a Verizon tech was that I examine the spitters I have and maybe reduce the number. I did and I only have the one 5-way 7.5db splitter that Verizon installed and a 2-way unmarked splitter that I installed between the Verizon splitter and the Actiontek router. It's possible but I don't think this is the problem.


Any ideas??

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Since I haven't experienced a problem with Amazon, I decided to do some testing.


Test #1    Simultaneously stream HD Amazon program on Blu-Ray; stream HD TV show from network site on desktop computer; stream SD TV show from network on laptop.   All three shows ran fine.  The SD program buffered for about 10 seconds when it started. Otherwise there was no buffering, pausing or any other indications of a problem.


Test #2    Stream YouTube HD videos on desktop computer.  I ran this test because last night I noticed a problem with You Tube.  

  • With music videos that have been out awhile, no problem.  Even with an HD TV show streaming on the laptop.
  • With HD super bowl commercials, a LOT of buffering, and one even stopped completely. This occured repeatedly, even  with no other activity on laptop or Blu-Ray.  Sports videos also experienced buffering.
  • Return to music videos: no problem.
  • The same You Tube that displayed buffering problems last night ran without problem at 6 am this morning. But buffered this afternoon.

Based on the tests I have done, and prior observations, the only time I see buffering or pausing is with YouTube HD content that is highly popular. One possible cause is that the source servers are being taxed due to many users trying to view the same show at the same time.  Which could explain why I don't see a problem on Amazon.  I watch older shows.


Those who are experiencing problems might want to run some similar tests.  Compare new/popular content to old content that is unlikely to be popular.  If possible check your system in the early morning when the server loads will be lighter.


Another possibility is that the problem (or lack of) could be dependent on internet routing.  It is unlikely we are all using the same path to get to Amazon.  I'm in VA.

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Well, it can't just be new or popular content because I often watch older shows from a few years back and I get the same buffering problems. And even if it was too many viewers, it still wouldn't explain why my bandwidth drops completely to zero--I could understand slowing but complete stoppage? I'm really baffled. I'm also baffled as to the different kinds of issues we are seeing--no real common thread other than sporadic loss of download.
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