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Problems streaming Netflix & Amazon Prime movies

Problems streaming Netflix & Amazon Prime movies

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Try taking a laptop to the same location, hook it up preferably to the ethernet cable and try to duplicate the problem. If it Plays flawlessly with a laptop, then you know it's the other device.
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I to am having problems with streaming netflix.Seem like it is worse at night netflix keeps rebufering as much as every 30 seconds I have a samsung smart tv its about 30 feet from the router its a actiontec 1424. AT night when watching netflix our smart phones wont connect to the internet they are connected to our home network. I just got done with the live chat thing with Pavan I guess hes in India lol he tryed to get me to contact netflix for a solution.........what a joke then he ran a test said everything was good and it might be interferience from phone ect...then wanted me to unplug router to reset I said I have already done that several times.if I would have unpluged the router I would have lost my live chat and I waited for 30 min just to chat with I tell him im paying for 25/15 and im not getting that I told him I want a better router he told me their router was only good for 15 feet from the tv what a joke I said send me a n router net thing I know he transfered me to billing and the guy wanted 80 bucks for a n router what kind of service is that im so upset with verizon im ready to go back to cox long story I got transfered back to india and told him.......another guy..........that if he would just send me another router same one I have now I will be happy that will elimante a bad router and Ill go from there to switch or buy their 80 n router

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I am having the same problems people are describing here.. Netflix and Amazon HD used to stream well but in the last few weeks it has been seriously buffering or even stopping. It doesn't happen all the time, but it mostly happens during evening prime time.


I have 75/35 speeds so it's not that. speedtest consistenly shows those speeds and I don't have any problems with anything on the internet except streaming.


I actually replaced my Actiontec router with an MI424WR GigE Rev. I in hopes that was the problem. It made no difference.. so it's not the router.


I have coax to the Actiontec and then Cat 5e cable straight to my Panasonic BDT220 BluRay player for streaming. I also have a Sony BluRay and it shows the same problems.


I used to have the Cat 5e cable go through a gigabit switch before getting to the Panasonic (and it used to stream OK that way). Taking out the switch and running the cable straight between the Actiontec and the BluRay didn't fix the problem.


I admit I haven't had the stomach to go on hold with customer service yet.. usually it's faster for me to fix things myself.


I hope someone on this forum sorts out whatever happened.

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Update on my earlier message. After updating the ActionteK router from Rev A to a Rev I (Verizon sent me one for free and then another one showed up the next day)  and updating connect speed from 25/15 to 50/25 (got a good deal on this) I still had problems with the Samsung TV losing the internet signal. Repositioned the router so it's now only 12' from the TV and still problems. Removed one of the splitters between the router and the incoming signal and still problems. Replaced the Samsung wireless dongle that Samsung support said I absolutely HAD to have with a Rosewill wireless dongle and guess what - problem solved (at least for the moment.)


What I didn't say in my earlier message was that the two Samsung DVD players I have connected wirelessly have never failed even on the old Rev A router so that indicated to me that I had a TV problem however Samsung support, in their infinite wisdom, said this was purely circumstancial. Makes you wonder where the get their "experts" from doesn't it???

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We sent you a message on our private support board to assist you and we did not receive a response.  Please repost the issue if you are still experiencing a problem so that we may assist you. 




Tonya D.

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Not sure what that means - after I log in what comes up is a message saying "no private messages."

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Gdaymate wrote:

Not sure what that means - after I log in what comes up is a message saying "no private messages."

While logged into the community, click on your username.  You should see a secton labeled: "My Support Cases"  That is where you need to look.

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I followed these instructions - nothing labelled "my support cases." And, as previously mentioned, no new messages.I have spent over an hour searching thru every Verizon page I can find, both signed in and signed out, and can't find anything that relates to this issue. My problem seems to be fixed so I'm giving up on this exept to say that someone should tell Verizon that their web pages are almost impossible to navigate thru for a relative newby like me.

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walt178 wrote:

Gdaymate wrote:

Not sure what that means - after I log in what comes up is a message saying "no private messages."

While logged into the community, click on your username.  You should see a secton labeled: "My Support Cases"  That is where you need to look.

You need to stop reading in between the lines.


The message was to munkigrrl and not to Gdaymate.



If you are the original poster (OP) and your issue is solved, please remember to click the "Solution?" button so that others can more easily find it. If anyone has been helpful to you, please show your appreciation by clicking the "Kudos" button.


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I am having tha same problem, but the problem occurred when we switched to Fios from Comcast. Ever since then we have been unable to stream Netflix without it crashing, or failing to connect. It is either one of two problems. It could be a compatibility problem with the wireless range extender, or Verizon is chopping the signal when the bandwidth reaches a certain level, whether it is mine, or based on a majority signal. We went with Fios because we wanted a stronger signal, but we ended up getting a weaker signal. One problem, is not just internet it is also when there are a combination of TV and internet signals going on at once. You might have two TV's on and one of them is streaming Netflix on a player, and another person is surfing the web. Fios should be able to handle this because Comcast with a lower mbps can. Maybe Netflix runs less efficient on Fios and uses up more bandwidth? Who knows? But the problem for me started the day we switched over to Fios.

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