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Quantum G1100 Router suddenly not keeping 5ghz connections

Quantum G1100 Router suddenly not keeping 5ghz connections

Copper Contributor chubrock07
Copper Contributor
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@simbapenn. Thank you for providing screen caps of all of that from WifiAnalyzer. I went through every step you did, found all of the same things you did, and was never given an answer. I just didn't post all the stuff you did ha.


I believe it was jonjones perhaps, that said the similar 5G network might have been the guest network. But it looks as though you've ruled that out. I did read in the DSLreports site that its possible the 'hidden' 5G band is something the ISP has pushed out in anticipation of Internet Of Things devices. I left it as that and moved on. I know thats not what you want to hear.


If you do discover the culprit of this hidden but similar 5G band please let me know. In my case I certainly found it is coming from the Router. (I also found that my XBOX prodcasts a signal of its own specifically designed to listen for the wireless controller, who knew). 


While I know this doesn't help, i just wanted to let you know, your effort is appreciated. As someone who went through every step you did for two straight days, its nice to know i'm not insane.


Also, To The Rest Of You Hear, I have been going strong on 5G since I disabled my WMM (QoS). I know some of you have claimed that didn't matter but so far so good for me, I think i'm on day 4 or 5 now. One thing I don't know if you all have running is MAC filtering, I have that on mine, just adding that as a possible different variable.

Copper Contributor Simbapenn
Copper Contributor
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Don't get your hopes up about WMM.  I got a little longer than you and then it crapped out again.  😞  I'm going to be adding a new router to handle the wifi.  I have no faith in Verizon fixing it or even acknowledging this problem.  Also, I luckily had a friend with an extra Nighthawk, so I don't have to pay money for it.


One new thing I noticed.  The 5GHz is listed as disconnected on the status screen even immediately upon reboot, and even when it is not actually disconnected.  I don't know what that means or how/if it helps.

Copper Contributor Bullet481
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@yosM45 wrote:


The channel selection doesn't matter.

WMM disabling doesn't matter.

The type of device your using doesn't matter.


And to Verizon, you as a customer don't really matter. 



Best post I've read yet!  🤣   Sad but starting to feel accurate. 

Platinum Contributor III Platinum Contributor III
Platinum Contributor III
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Apparently, some folks have found that by telling the router to downgrade it's Firmware, the 5Ghz has stabalized until the router is updated some time later.


The URL for that is . The router stores the previous firmware it ran in it's flash memory for emergency purposes.

Copper Contributor yosM45
Copper Contributor
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I firmly believe it's a firmware issue.


But from reading in the DSL Reports forum, if you downgrade, the router automatically upgrades within a day or so automatically.


Has anyone downgraded and been able to keep the downgraded firmware?

Copper Contributor chubrock07
Copper Contributor
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you are absolutely right. It must've seen my post and then shot me down. 5G is down again :(.


How in the world do we get VZ to acknowledge this issue. Its counterintuitive to buy a router to supplement something I am paying VZ for!

Contributor FFSCo1
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I just figured out a (terrible) workaround because I'm lazy. I plugged my router into a smart outlet.  At least this way I can ask Alexa to restart (well, turn off, then on) the router rather than physically getting up and having to unplug it everytime the network goes down..

Contributor rich-lux
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There's a post on Dslreports.com saying this is an issue with the latest firmware and Verizon is working on a fix.



Contributor mikewwbalto
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Verizon another customer to add to your list. I'm having same problem on 5G transceiver. Got a replacement router, to no avail.

Copper Contributor Simbapenn
Copper Contributor
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The fact the CS is still suggesting people replace their routers as a possible fix makes me worried about the veracity of the person on the DSLReports board who claims to be an insider who knows a fix is being worked on.  At this point if there were a fix in the works wouldn't CS just tell people "We're aware of the problem, use 2.4 for now and we'll send an email when the new firmware updates."?


That being said, I'll take anything I can get at this point and choose to believe the anonymous poster.

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