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Quantum G1100 Router suddenly not keeping 5ghz connections

Quantum G1100 Router suddenly not keeping 5ghz connections

Contributor wecoyote5
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Hi all,

Google Mini was not the culprit in my setup. It used to be on the verizon 5G but I moved it to my backup 5G AP weeks ago when this started. I only had 3 devices on my 5G when it crashed this morning. Google Home (which I've had for close to a year so it was not new), a phone, and a laptop. I've moved the Google Home and phone to my backup AP) leaving one device, a run of the mill older laptop housing my NAS. We'll see what happens.

PS: Nothing of value in the logs either.

Contributor joe32
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Adding myself to this list.. I started having wifi issues a couple of weeks ago. Eventually had a replacement router sent. I'm still having the exact problem everyone else has described here with the 5Ghz band. I googled this issue and came across this thread. I confirm that I have the same model and firmware version listed.


I have 100Mbps Internet which is a complete waste without 5Ghz...

Contributor Bullet481
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Well not that I'm happy bout it but my solution:


Fought with Verizon got some money back. Bought a second router from Best Buy. ($$$ from Verizon paid for less than half of the new router.) Connected the new router to the Quantum Router turned off the wireless on the Quantum and setup the new router as an access point. Ridiculous I was forced to go this route.  

Gold Contributor VII
Gold Contributor VII
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As i said on many replies on this thread. It is the best course of action to take.

in fact you don’t even need the Quantum router at all. If it’s rented you save $10 a month and tax by returning it to a Fios store. Get receipt and save $120 a year.


if you have tv, there is a way to use your own router with an adapter to get your channel guide and on demand. The Verizon Fios forum at http://www.dslreports.com has a FAQ with step by step instructions.

Contributor bikerpilot
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Unfortunately, the Google Mini's are not the problem. Even with them disconnected the connection dropped (alas it took longer before the connection dropped). I have them plugged back in and for some reason I am online now for just over 24 hours. A recent record!


Summarized: it's not the Google Mini's, but I still don't have a solution.

Contributor TommRXE
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Hi all. Same here. Called Fios technical support tonight. They said that they are aware that it's a firmware issue from the last update. They said they're working on it but have not resolved it just yet. They also said that they are well aware of the many complaints and will have it fixed as soon as possible via a firmware update that they will push to the routers. They just don't know what time frame is that will be. By the way, didn't realize it was such a widespread problem until I called and then found this forum after that call via a Google search.

Platinum Contributor III Platinum Contributor III
Platinum Contributor III
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Just some food for thought.


While looking through the FCC's documents for the G1100, I noticed the router is using a BCM4360 Wireless chipset for the 5Ghz Wi-Fi. The rest of the chipset in the router is Broadcom based as well as the SoC being a Cortina Systems WPCS7542E.


Since the router functionally works fine beyond 5Ghz, this would isolate the problem down to something in the Broadcom WLAN driver running within the Linux base.


Personally, I have observed other complaints from other Broadcom based routers, notably those made by ASUS with 5Ghz instability after a certain firmware update. A fix customers have found is to force the router to use 40Mhz wide channels. The G1100 seems to have an option for this, but in the Verizon firmware this is locked out and forced to 80Mhz.


It's pretty logical to figure out why 80Mhz may be unstable. Underpowered chipsets, compatibility issues with devices which cannot make use of more than 40Mhz of bandwidth, increased interference which must be mitigated against, and the list goes on.


Chances are very good if I'm observing complaints from other Broadcom-based routers, given Broadcom's Linux driver stack is pretty universal for most of their chipsets, the problem lays in Broadcom's hands to fix. Greenwave and Verizon won't be able to touch their code, but can regress back to a working driver. This may or may not re-introduce old security issues like the KRACK vulnerability, which Broadcom may have included a patch for despite the router not necessarily requiring it.


No witch hunt here. Must making an observation.

Contributor Corcodush
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And this is why downgrading security to mixed WPA/WPA2-PSK makes it work again. After two weeks of getting tired of disconnected 5G, I see it working for several days with no issues. All this time I used an alternative 5G access point, while continuously monitoring the  Quantum 5G AP with a low-bit stream.

Copper Contributor chubrock07
Copper Contributor
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Any idea why the WPA2 on the 2.4Ghz network isn't also affected by this firmware update? I mean KRACK affects the WPA2 encryption, not the band. Just curious as to how an update could affect a 5Ghz band and not a 2.4Ghz band.


Contributor jared1
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I am having the same problem.  I've had the modem/router since April with no issues, then all of a sudden in the last month it stops working.  I contacted support three times; they finally sent me a new g1100 2 weeks ago and now this one is disconnecting.  Is there a work around I can do to resolve the problem?  Tech support didn't seem to know much of anything.

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