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Quantum G1100 Router suddenly not keeping 5ghz connections

Quantum G1100 Router suddenly not keeping 5ghz connections

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Read this how to at this link.



You must release the dhcp first. It is easy to do. 

Make sure you understand that if you give back the Fios router you lose tech support from the ont to the home. So Verizon will Test from their service to your ont.



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My connection has been dropping off, since it was installed. 10 yrs ago, I'd have it fixed. I'm disabled now, and just don't have it anymore, it's frustrating. The bill is already high for me, but it is what it is. This router sucks! I don't have money to buy a router. If a company provides a router, and the customer pays for it, Verizon isn't losing - the customer is!

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Wifi can be problematic.

5 Ghz does not penetrate or carry as far ar 2.4 does.

Quantum router is a middle of the road router.

You basicaly get what you pay for.

If you really want/need improved performance, you will have to buy a higher class router.

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@soxhouse wrote:

So can someone techy out there help me (non-techie). So I am a Fios internet only-no longer using router for TV on demand, etc. Can I just take the coax that is in my old router and plug it in to a new high-end router and call it a day? Is there anything more that I have to do? Again I am not a techie guy here so sorry for the dumb question but at this point I would rather just spend a few hundred dollars on a good router and be done with it as I constantly lose my 5G and frankly have poor coverage in a home that is not all that big . I bought the gateway router outright originally so I’m not paying any monthly charge on it anyway

Very few routers support MOCA.  If you have one yes you can do what you ask.  Pretty much only the ones being used by Verizon.


Most routers support ethernet.  You can ask Verizon to switch you to internet and run a standard ethernet cable for the ONT to your router.  No cost if you run the cable yourself, but at a cost if they have to come out to run it for you.

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I guess my issues fall under this category, but I had no problems until 3-4 weeks ago, and it's not just the 5 Ghz band.  I have the G1100 and the Fios extender that have been working fine from Oct 2016 until a few weeks ago.  All of a sudden my wifi drops every 5-10 minutes and takes around 10 seconds to 1 minute to come back.  When it comes back, it will sometimes be extremely slow, like under 1 mbps.  I'll reboot the router and the speed will come back, but the drop issue remains.  Then, after the next drop the speed may or may not be OK.  I've tried rebooting the router/extender/ONT and changing some settings like frequency and power saving and then reverting, but nothing helps.  I guess the next step is getting a replacement router or extender because it doesn't seem like the firmware problem people had in the past.

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Except I’m sitting so close to my router that it could be a ‘plug’... and Verizon knows it’s an issue, the contract states that the router I pay for will provide a service that it doesn’t!!!  Then when you contact their ‘customer service’, you get the run around & no solution!!!  Unacceptable.

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