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Quantum Gateway port forwarding now working

Quantum Gateway port forwarding now working

Contributor waffles2
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I am setting up a server, which to access the UI needs to have port 443. I dont want to have port 443 open to the public like that, and would rather have the port forward as follows:


Internet --> TCP 10443 --> [internal-IP]:443


I set up the port forwarding in everyway that is possible, putting the port number in each of the slots, still not working. Set up a port forwarding rule, does not work. 


Am i missing something? ive done this on my old DDWRT router and it worked great, no reason it shouldnt work now.

Contributor waffles2
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Registered: ‎09-08-2016
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I have figured this out, took me long enough.


Setting up is as follows:


Port Forwarding:

[Select ip/host]    

[Application to forward] = Custom


[Protocol] = TCP

[Source Port] = ANY

[Destination Port] = Specific

          [Enter external port #]

[Forward to port] = Specific

         [Enter Internal Port #]



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Silver Contributor III
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If you haven't already, use the DHCP settings in the Advanced menu to set that computer to have a static IP address (via DHCP). That way, the IP won't change when the DHCP lease expires. It probably won't anyway, but this will make sure it doesn't. (It's a good idea for printers, too.)

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Contributor Grudo
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Thanks big time for this (created an account here just to thank you)! This is not intuitive *AT ALL* 

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