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Questions about MoCA

Questions about MoCA

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Netgear and D-Link have recently released and/or announced MoCA adapters. I was wondering if they are compatible with the MoCA connection on the MI424WR. Also would it be possible to completely phase out the MI424WR by using these to connect to the STBs and a retail router connected to the ONT via ethernet?
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It's funny you ask this question...we are waiting for these MoCA bridges to become available so we can test them out. They should work, but you have to understand some of the limitations with MoCA.


You can only have a total of 8  devices on a MoCA 1.0 network (which is MoCA version number our cable boxes and routers are on). I do know that MoCA 1.1 is out and I don't know if anyone is planning on using it yet...


To answer your question, you should be able to use the MoCA bridges with your FiOS home network.  The ActionTech has some QoS features built in for Video on demand and setting IP address to cableboxes to - 108 which is how they are polled from our still unsure if the MoCA bridges will work seemlessly. I know once I can get my hands on one I will make a post...unless someone does ahead of me!



You can view a list of verified MoCA products here:

The wiki for MoCA:

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Newegg actually has the Netgear set for about $180 which I find to be kinda expensive compared to the NIM100 on ebay.
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Device: MI424-WR rev C
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Trying to connect a Netgear MoCA MCA1001 Coax - ethernet adapter kit to our FIOS coax connection/ MI424 WR and running into problems.  Has anyone been able to do this?   I loose the internet connection to MI424 when I connected as instructed by Netgear. 


Thank you,


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All DSLR ( FAQs » Verizon Online FiOS FAQ » Actiontec


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The reason for the connection problem is probably because the Netgear MoCA network is interfering with the FIOS MoCA network.  You need to make sure that both the Netgear MoCA MCA1001 and your MI424-WR are on the same MoCA network channel (or the same frequency). 


I would suggest you to check and make sure that the Netgear devices are in “channel frequency scan mode” so that they can lock onto the MI424-WR frequency.  If this does not resolve the problem, then most likely the MoCA encryption is enabled on your MI424-WR.  I would then try enabling the encryption feature on the Netgear devices with the default password.


If you’re still having problem, check with FIOS tech support.

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