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Questions about contracts.

Questions about contracts.

Nickel Contributor
Nickel Contributor
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I have a quick question about the contract. Say I were to get tv and internet 50/50 because they have the preferred HD for 89.99 and if 24 months have passed and they were going to charge me 109.99 can I renew it to get lower rates again? Would the contract I have right now be added to the current contract? I have 17 months remaining. What does no term agreement mean? Does that mean I won't get contract anymore, if so will I have to pay the remaining fee to upgrade to a none contract because they have the same 89.99 for 24 months special with no contract.

Copper Contributor GFVALVO
Copper Contributor
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I can’t answer you specific questions, so I’ll just give general advice. When you call to change or renew service, get the person’s name and get them to send you an email of the package offer they’re making before getting off the phone with them.


I don’t know if Verizon purposely uses bait-and-switch tactics or they’re just supremely incompetent, but I’ve had multiple service change orders screwed up over the years. And, don’t plan on any particular package being available when it comes time to renew. They love to keep changing the combinations so it’s impossible to compare apples to apples.


Nickel Contributor
Nickel Contributor
Posts: 28
Registered: ‎06-19-2015
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OMG verizon sucks. I can't wait until google fiber gets here. I will gladly pay google $70 for a gigabit worth of speed or even $130 for there speed and tv package. $99.99 is not worth the 50/50 plan. after 12 months that they are going to charge me. I can live with 25/25 or for now or unless comcast has better service. I don't really upload so I could care less about my upload speed.

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