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I live in the Tampa Bay area and have had to contact Verizon for the recent outtage of service in my neighborhood. First there have been Verizon trucks and vans and ditch digging tools in my neighborhood for about a week. I come home to no internet and tv. A nice little email, note, sign, phone call.....SOMETHING to let me know my service would be out would BE MUCH APPRECIATED. But, no, nothing! So I call the WONDERFUL (sarcasim) Verizon customer line.... After fighting 12 minutes with the stupid prompt and voice recognition phone tree, I was given to a lady in CS who asked me for my phone number or account number.... JEEZ I JUST WENT THROUGH THIS. Fortunately I knew that the phone prompt system is just to take up time while other CS agents answer calls (it couldnt be to get me to the right place because they spend 15 min transfering me around to agents who tell me I need to speak to someone else). So I explain to her that my phone number is not a verizon phone so she can enter it into the other spot on her screen that is for none phone account holding customers, and she asks me not 1, not 2, not 3, but 4 TIMES, for the number.... So by now counting to 10 in my head isn't working and I tell her what my problem is. So she transfers me to the Verizon high speed tech support. after 5 min of pulling accont info and verifying who I am they tell me I have FIOS.... DUH>>>> I pushed 2 to begin with **bleep**.... So they once again transfering me to FIOS tech support who confirms that there is a outtage in my area and there have been 36 phone calls about it. So he adds my account and number to the service ticket with a promis of a text when my service is back on. Woke up this morning just to check the status by turning on my laptop and checking the connection (no service, no surprise). I get a text message at noon telling me they recieved my service ticket and have an expected date to have the correction 5 days from now. {please keep your posts courteous} I am mad, firstly b/c they did not warn us, second I have all my school work due tomorrow (Online Classes) and third b/c I have just about had enough of dealing with the customer service quacks. So after work I call again 3:15 and they transfer me around a few times, by now I am used to it and not even upset. Get on the phone with FIOS TECH REP "TAYLOR" who gives me some trouble about not being at home and how do I know it's not working and all this jazz. RUDE! So finaly he does some kind of check and starts to read me off all the devices I have on my network. (THANK GOD ITS WORKING). I say thanks and he says ARROGANTLY... "HAVE A GREAT DAY DUDE"!!!!! No way did he just call me dude after all the {word filter avoidance} I have just gone through with Verizons crappy service. So I want reimbursement for the week of service I just lost. I call back to talk to billing, who btw has still not fixed an issue I had back in April with my bill. I deal with the 10 min talking to the stupid auto prompt thing and dialing numbers to get to the right place LIKE USUAL. So I get a billing guy who is gonna make my day better.... NOT! I try to explain to him that I do not have a verizon phone number and he tells me he cannot access my account unless I have one or I have my account Number which of course I DONT I DO EBILL! So I say let me speak to your manager. HE HANGS UP ON ME. I call back... Furious and deal with the 15 min of auto prompt again, but this time I get directly to the Billing Support. He listens to all my woes and credits my account for a week of crap. I tell him I want to speak to "TAYLORS" immediate supervisor so he transfers me over and everything seemed to get a little better. Taylor will have some kind of remedial discipline and hopefully will learn what customer service MEANS and how not to treat a paying customer.  MY RANT IS now I am happily going back to Brighthouse who after 2 years of service never gave me one problem over the phone, never had to deal with 15 min of autoprompts and rude customer service. Matter a fact I will be upgrading a bigger cable plan and bill but to never have outtage and never have to deal with horrible rude and arrogant customer service reps or technical departments I am happy to pay the price. SO LONG VERIZON>>>>>>>>

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Hello this1gottagun

I can see your frustration here and I apologize for any inconveniences. We would like the opportunity to assist you. I sent you a private message.

Verizon Support

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Verzion has great products, and horrible customer service. 

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This is the first time I am encounter with Verizon , and it is so horrible, horirible conversation with the Verizon agent .


What happened is I went online to to order " double play" internet and TV services for my college daughter in her second year of college . I don't want to sign any contract because college kids , they move around a lot . After placing the order, I received email from Direct TV said that I will be on their 2 years contract, I imediately called Verizon to cancel the whole thing .


The person who answer the phone told me he is a MANAGER because everyone else was on strike . After he listen to me for few minutes he told me that Verizon has nothing to do with Direct TV I have to call direct TV and then he just simply hung up on me !


I called Direct TV they said they can not do anything I have to call Verizon . I feel trapped , I called Verizon back and  you bet , they told me that I have to call Direct TV .


I don't know what to do now, why big company with a lot of money treats their customers like this ? why it is so hard to deal with big companies , why we got treated like we are begging for bread ? Now I am so afraid of this world, I'd rather have nothing than having dealing with the deceived world .

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We are sorry for the inconvenience. This requires an agent that can review your account details.

Please visit: and choose “Live Chat.” If a chat agent is available to assist you, the chat link will become live after the page is fully loaded.

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