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Random Internet connection dropouts

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Random Internet connection dropouts

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I have FiOS TV & Internet in a condominium complex. Each unit has a VDSL modem which provides WAN connectivity to the ActionTec router from the ONT in the building's main telco room. Coax comes up from downstairs for video and plugs into the ActionTec. 


I have been experiencing a drop out of my Internet connection at least 6 times per day at random times. The drop outs effect every device attached to the ActionTec (2 PCs, and a VoIP box) and last 15-60 seconds. I can't say if VOD or Guide data is impacted, as I am usually just on my computer or phone at the time of the failures. No indication that the physical link is lost - just a loss of Internet connectivity. Nothing shows up in the logs of the ActionTec during these events, and I do not need to reboot the ActionTec to restore the connection.


Has anyone else experienced this problem?  I was thinking it could be my NAT table getting maxed out, but most people see log entries when that happens, along with a full reboot of the ActionTec....neither of which I am seeing. My 2nd theory is that the issue began around the time that the ActionTec's firmware was updated to 20.10.7. Below is my current HW:

Firmware Version: 20.10.7 Model Name: MI424WR-GEN2 Hardware Version: E



I am considering placing my own router between the VDSL modem and the ActionTec to see if this issue goes away, unless anyone feels this is a possible ONT issue, or worse, a PON card issue.


I should note that my VDSL modem was replaced a couple weeks ago to try and eliminate this problem, with no luck. Also, I am continually getting pixelation and random drop outs (0dB signal) on channel 119. A Verizon tech said that everything looks perfect coming into my unit, and that he would report this issue further up the chain.  He couldn't rule out a PON card issue.


Any suggestions would be appreciated.








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Re: Random Internet connection dropouts

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I have the exact same problem as you. I live in a hirise condo and in the last month my internet connection will stall for a few seconds. It's enough to cause issues with video streaming from Netflix , Hulu etc. because it constantly needs to rebuffer or adjust the connection.


Also my signal speed has degraded and running tests on speakeasy or verizon's own speedtest results in wild variances from .755 Mbps to 6.8Mbps and everythign in between. This isn't even close to the 20Mbps connection speeds I should have. I've had one tech call over the phone and it wasn't resolved so they sent a tech to my place and it still hasn't worked...a second visit will happen this week and hopefully the problem will be resolved.


Prior to this issue i've had FIOS working flawlessly in my building for 3 years. The tech also tested my router and modem and everything seems fine with the hardware. He thinks it may be the line from the telco room up to my condo. Was your problem ever resolved?

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Re: Random Internet connection dropouts

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Add me to the list. I've been experiencing these drop outs of both internet and TV for a couple of years! Numerous technicians have tried to fix. They've run new coax. Replaced routers. Replaced main box. But I still experience these episodic drop outs. They keep saying that they're escalating to the Tier 2 or 3 technicians but...

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