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Randomly disconnecting from Xbox Live. Can't find cause of this problem. I have the Quantum Router.

Randomly disconnecting from Xbox Live. Can't find cause of this problem. I have the Quantum Router.

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For the past 5 weeks I've been disconnecting from Xbox live randomly when I play online and I would automatically reconnect as well. I can either play destiny online or Street Fighter IV or play a SINGLE PLAYER game talking to my friends in a party and just POOF! disconnected. I use wireless to connect to my modem/router. One day there was a snowstorm that started and lasted for 2 days which affected my connection during that time. Then after the storm ended, I've been disconnecting from Xbox live and it would be RANDOM, it could happen in 10 minutes to an hour or 2. Same thing with my Smart TV, when ever I watch YouTube on my smart TV, the video quality would jump up and down from 720p to 240p and then it would BUG out, the video would flash pink for a split second, buffers a lot, the video would stutter bad as if it was fast forwarding and rewinding and sound would cut out. It affects my Xbox One and my smart TV both connected using wireless. At first I thought the power went out during the night of the storm when everyone was asleep and that it screwed the modem/router so I got a replacement, the problem still exists. The Quantum Router(which is downstairs) is 25 ft away(guestimate) from the affected devices the Xbox One and Smart TV (which is upstairs).


I have connected the Xbox One with an Ethernet Cable and the disconnection stopped. Only thing is that connecting my router to the Xbox upstairs would make a really long ethenet cable easily visable and I don't have the tools to drill deep holes nor would I want to do it. No I can't just move my Xbox One to the router because the router is close to my computer which my brothers use ALL THE TIME. I also recently realized that my phone would go to LTE from the WIFI and then back for a second or two. My Internet Plan Is 150/150.

Steps that I have done to try to fix this                                                       

- Get a replacement Quantum router (the problem is still occured)

- Changed the ethernet cable that connects to the box in the basement from the WAN port (I did this because it seemed damaged on the cable I changed you would see the actual colored wires and the cable itself was badly twisted. It wasn't the cause)

- Rebooted the router (First thing I've done duh. I probably did this over 100 times)

- Talk to Xbox Support/See if Mircosoft's side was the cause of this or the Xbox One itself (Not them or it, I've hard reseted and factory reseted)             - DNS primary secondary stuff and clear mac address on Xbox One network settings ( Xbox support told me to do this, problem still occurs)

- Port Foward manually to xbox live ports (Yes I even went this far, did not work)

- Press the Red Reset Button on the Router (still didn't work)

- Bring the Xbox One real close to the router and see if it disconnects (It does)


My modem/router is from Verizon, the Fios Quantum Gateway. https://www.verizon.com/home/accessories/fios-quantum-gateway/  On my Xbox One, I can see what the Download Speed and Upload speeds are, I seems good but would go up and down each time I check. Download Speed: Over 50

Upload Speed: Over 70 or 80

I've contacted verizon and a supporter name Dan(Dan is cool, thanks dan for trying to help 😄 ) made an appointment with a technician around my area. The technician came, but instead of trying to diagnose the situation, he recommended me to order a Wireless Extender. NO! This will be the last thing I do. I have 10 devices connected to the wifi and yes I understand that that would be the problem, too many people on the wifi BUT the 10 devices(including the affected ones. Xbox One/Smart TV) were connected wirelessly months before with good connection and I have not had this problem until 5 weeks ago since the snowstorm!! I've run out of ideas on how to fix this, someone please help me, enlighten me with solutions because I don't know what to do anymore, this is my last resort.

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