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Receiving Incorrect Speed

Receiving Incorrect Speed

Copper Contributor krz
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Hello, let me first say that this may be a little snobby as it's not that much of a difference in advertised speed, but with the business I deal with and having to VPN and remote admin into other computers every Megabit helps. I am currently on the 20/5 plan for fios. I can not pass 18Mb/sec download speed. I have tried this on this desktop, a wired laptop, and 2 other wireless desktops, none can pass 18Mbit. I am using the Actiontec MI424WR router. Any ideas on how to get my speed back up to 20Mbit again? This started about 3-4 months ago (after having fios for a year) and I've just been swamped with work and other issues to stop and call in. I'm hoping someone here could point me in the right direction Smiley Very Happy



Silver Contributor IV
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What are you doing to verify the speed you are getting?
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I also have a 20/5 plan, and I've never been able to quite get to 20mbits/second. However I also recognize that at such speeds, even small latencies in the router, or software are going to result in the appearance of something less than the nominal 20million bits per second. I usually get about 19.1 in most speed tests on the downlink, and do better than specification (usually about 5.6million bits per second) on the uplink. However depending upon whose speed test I use, and where the server for it is located, I can get anything from about 16.5 to 19.1.


Anyway I have concluded that the loss is due to factors external to the FiOS connection. 


It is a lot closer to the promised speed than I was able to get with DSL (where everytime it rained, I lost about 20% of the downlink speed, and if I could hear thunder, my DSL service was down.

So far the only thing that stops my FiOS service is the lights going out.


Do make sure that your PC has been optimized for high speed internet service (Large receive buffers, a substantial number of receive buffers and transmit control blocks).

Copper Contributor krz
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Yes, I am optimized already, as are the other 3 PC's in the house. I have ran various speed tests on webistes, which btw will not go over 12Mbit/sec. The highest (12Mbit) is on verizon's speedtest site. For example


Speedtest.net results are

Newark, DE (closest to me) 9.67Mbit/down and 4.20Mbit up

Washington DC 10.52Mbit/down and 4.47Mbit up

New York NY is 10.31Mbit/down and 4.47Mbit up.


Testing with Speakeasy

to Washington DC

Download Speed: 10125 kbps (1265.6 KB/sec transfer rate)
Upload Speed: 4514 kbps (564.3 KB/sec transfer rate)


to New York

Download Speed: 10225 kbps (1278.1 KB/sec transfer rate)
Upload Speed: 4502 kbps (562.8 KB/sec transfer rate)


Now when I check verizon's site just then I got


18.284 Mbps/Down 4.639 Mbps/Up




       As stated earlier I also use a VPN for work, and remote admin to PC's using max settings. They also cap out at 18Mbit. I have servers in CA and in IL that I have put up dummy tests for and download them no faster than 18.1Mbit/sec. I know some may think it is a latency issue, but up until about 4 months ago I would cap at 20-21Mbit/sec on each of these sites and to my servers/vpn/remote admin connections.


I have checked this on various OS. Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 7, and various linux OS including redhat/ubuntu/centos. Does it sound like the speed needs to be tweaked from verizons end because I am just totally out of ideas at this point. Like I have stated before as well I use to get 20-21Mbit/sec and now it's dropped to 18Mbit. I don't quite understand what happened.


Thanks again

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It sounds like you are being too picky.


There are many factors that will effect a speed test outside of the Verizon Network .


If you need more speed perhaps you should look into upgrading to  a hoigher speed tier.  If you are doing a lot of VPN Work then perhaps you could beneift from 50/50.

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A couple of meg is just that. All services say "up to" with most providers. See this thread and read the comment from Techman28. Things may change. More details in about a week.


Copper Contributor aaronwtfios
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Not picky at all. I'm on the 50/20 tier and I get around 51.5 mbs down and around 19.8 mbs up. This is through all my wired and wireless connections.

For 20/5 you should easily be able to hit 20mbs down and 5mbs up.

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@aaronwtfios wrote:

Not picky at all. I'm on the 50/20 tier and I get around 51.5 mbs down and around 19.8 mbs up. This is through all my wired and wireless connections.

For 20/5 you should easily be able to hit 20mbs down and 5mbs up.

Yea. I get very close to 20 with downloads, and sometimes it drops to 18. The uploads seems to drop off to 2.4 at times. I hope what is on it's way changes uploads for the better. I am sure it will put a smile on peoples faces when it is announced very soon. Funny that people in the DSL Reports forums are all guessing. Read the link that I posted above and it will give a clue as to when it will be announced.

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Silver Contributor V
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Try going to speedguide.net and see what your RWIN is .......I know its already up there but I'm curious as to what it is....Also try testing at speakeasy see if there are different results there.  There will be some upgrades starting Monday but we'll announce them Saturday
Copper Contributor Tektronic
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For slow speeds this is the testing formula


first do a manual reboot to ur ONT

go to the battery bbu, unplug the battery inside the white case. then unplug the power, then restore everything

go to www.speedtest.net and run a few tests

if not up to snuff and ur connection is ethernet, bypass (if you have static u will need to manually assign the information to your computer) if speeds are still not 20 you can try calling but its so close to 20....

If its fast before the router, connect back the computer to the router and the router to the wall and reassign ur computer to be automatic


then do a hard reset to router and reconfigure all values. if that doesnt work you could request a new router or dispatch since it works before the router :-)

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